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Oct 15, 2011

First Reviews Are In: DCCC’s Strong Candidates for 2012

This week, the DCCC announced strong candidates running in 60 Republican or open seats around the country – more than twice the 25 seats needed to put control of the House in play.

Now, the first reviews of the recruits are in….

“Dems look like they'll have their strongest recruiting class since '06, no small feat.” [House Race Hotline]

“a banner recruiting class for 2012” [ABC News]

“House Democrats Recruiting Coups… have scored a remarkable victory already” [US News]

“Diverse Democratic group aims for stars, seeks to win US House” [Reuters]

“recruiting top-level candidates for 60 seats” [USA Today]

“DCCC Says New Recruits Put House in Play” [Roll Call]

“House Dems exceed 2011 goal” [CNN]

“DCCC Recruitment – Surpassing 2011 Goals” [POLITICO]

You can see the announcement and full list of candidates here.