Campaign 2010

Sep 25, 2012

First DCCC TV Ad Attacks Congressman Mike Coffman for Turning His Back on the Middle Class

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released its first Independent Expenditure TV ad in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District highlighting Congressman Mike Coffman’s record of turning his back on the middle class. The ad highlights Congressman Coffman’s support for extreme plans like banning many forms of birth control, opposing abortions even in cases of rape and incest, and voting to end Medicare forcing Colorado seniors to pay $6,400 more to fund tax breaks for millionaires. The DCCC IE’s TV ad, “Backwards,” starts running Tuesday.


Script of  DCCC IE Ad “Backwards” CO-06

Voiceover:  Mike Coffman likes to say "I know who I represent."
But when Coffman supported a plan to deny women access to common forms of birth control...

Tried to outlaw a woman's right to choose, even in cases of rape...
Voted to cut funding for cancer screenings -- and essentially end Medicare...

Was Coffman representing you? 
Or taking us backwards, and turning his back on the middle-class?

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”