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Jun 24, 2007

Tom Feeney (FL-24) Starts a Legal Expense Fund

DCCC Press

Jun 24, 2007

Tom Feeney (FL-24) Starts a Legal Expense Fund

The newest Republican trend – start a legal expense fund. Last week, Phil English (PA-03) started one. This week, Tom Feeney (FL-24) started one. Which House Republican will form a legal expense fund next?

From Political Money Line:

Rep. Tom Feeney has established the Tom Feeney Legal Expense Trust. Trust documents were filed with the House of Representatives stating Rep. Feeney “has incurred legal expenses in connection with his official duties and position in Congress, and matters bearing on his reputation or fitness for office.” (


Representative Feeney is currently part of an investigation by the FBI for his involvement with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Feeney accompanied Abramoff on a 2003 trip to Scotland that included rounds of golf at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews.

Feeney later paid back $5,643 to cover what he claimed the trip cost but records released by the Department of Justice in April, 2007 revealed the price tag to be nearly four times that amount.

It has also been reported that Feeney sent a letter on behalf of an Abramoff client five months before the Scotland trip.

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