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May 21, 2012

FBI Investigating Congressman Jim Renacci’s Fundraising

The New Republic just uncovered that the FBI is investigating a series of questionable campaign donations to Congressman Jim Renacci. These suspect donations from employees of the Suarez company who had never made political donations before contributing the maximum amounts to Renacci were first identified by the Toledo Blade. Suarez's CEO is a well known Republican donor in OH, and Suarez employees comprise Congressman Renacci’s largest contributors.


Check the facts for yourself.


New FBI is Investigating Renacci’s Political Fundraising [The New Republic]. On May 18, 2012, The New Republic reported that the FBI is investigating whether Congressman Jim Renacci benefited from an alleged scheme to circumvent campaign finance laws that ban employers from reimbursing workers for contributing to political candidates. [The New Republic, 5/18/12]


Must Read: Renacci Received Unusual Campaign Donations from an Ohio Company [The Toledo Blade]. In 2011, The Blade reported Renacci received $100,250 in campaign donations from several employees and some their spouses from Suarez Corporation in Canton. Many of the employees had never given to a political campaign before but in the current election cycle had maxed out by giving $5,000 to Renacci’s campaign. Suarez and his wife also contributed $10,000 to the Renacci-Ohio Victory Fund. An analysis by a campaign finance lawyer showed that some of the employees who contributed listed their positions as “copywriter” or “marketer.” The lawyer stated it was unusual for people holding those positions to make such a large contribution. The analysis also showed that half of the employees who contributed owned homes valued at $66,000 to $183,000. [Toledo Blade, 8/20/11]


Suarez Employees Are Renacci’s Largest Contributors. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, employees at the Suarez Corporation are Congressman Renacci’s largest contributors. [, accessed 5/21/12]