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Oct 08, 2013

Facts on Congressman Scott Rigell’s Two-Faced Record on Shutdown and Sequester

Congressman Scott Rigell is saying one thing on the shutdown and sequester in Hampton Roads and doing the opposite in Washington -- continuing today, for the ninth time, to oppose any reasonable solutions to ending the shutdown that he engineered.


Since Congressman Rigell claimed he would support a clean Continuing Resolution last week, Congressman Scott Rigell has hypocritically continued to block any votes on a clean budget bill that could end his shutdown today. In fact, Congressman Rigell voted for the shutdown in the first place. Similarly, Congressman Rigell has claimed to oppose the sequester that is devastating Hampton Roads families and defense workers – but then voted to continue the sequester and against replacing it with a balanced approach.


“From shutdown to sequester, Congressman Scott Rigell’s two-faced record of double-talk, recklessness and hypocrisy is exactly what Virginians hate about Washington,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “If Congressman Rigell is serious about ending his shutdown and stopping the sequester that is devastating Hampton Roads defense workers and military families, then it is time for Congressman Rigell to live up to his empty promises and stop opposing reasonable solutions to ending this crisis at every turn. But after watching Congressman Rigell repeatedly say one thing and then do the exact opposite, it’s become impossible to trust Congressman Rigell to put aside his irresponsible Washington politics and end this shutdown and sequester that he engineered.”


Here are the facts about Congressman Rigell’s two-faced record on the shutdown and sequester that is devastating Hampton Roads families:



What Congressman Rigell Says

What Congressman Rigell Does 

Congressman Rigell Claimed He Voted Against Budget Resolution Because it Contained Sequestration Cuts.  “Today Congressman Scott Rigell (VA-2) voted against H.J. Res. 59 because it fails to replace the sequester and address Washington’s continued reliance on stopgap funding mechanisms known as Continuing Resolutions (CRs).” [Congressman Rigell Press Release, 9/20/13]


…But Voted to Create Sequestration and Then Voted For Two Budget Resolutions Containing Sequestration Cuts. In August 2011, Rigell voted for the budget deal that created sequestration. On September 29, 2013 and September 30, 2013, Rigell voted for two House Republican continuing resolutions that would maintain sequestration. [S 365, Vote #690, 8/01/11; HR Res 59, Vote #498, 9/29/13; HJ Res 59, Vote #504, 9/30/13]

Congressman Rigell Called to Stop the Shutdown.  “Some House Republicans facing perilous paths to reelection in 2014 are beginning to budge on the government shutdown, calling for the party to compromise and move on from its fight over defunding Obamacare. ‘Republicans fought the good fight. The fight continues but is not advanced by a government shutdown that damages our economy and harms our military,’ Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell said in a statement. ‘The time has come to pass a clean CR to reopen the government.” [Politico, 10/01/13]


…But Voted For the Shutdown and Then Voted Nine Times Against Efforts to End it. On September 29 and September 30, Rigell voted for two House Republican stopgap budget resolutions pushing the country “to the edge of a shutdown.” In October,  Rigell voted at least nine times against efforts to vote on a clean government funding resolution by allowing consideration of the Senate-passed continuing resolution. [HR Res 59, Vote #498, 9/29/13; HJ Res 59, Vote #504, Washington Post, 9/29/13;  9/30/13; H Res 370, Vote #509, 10/02/13; HJ Res 59, Vote #512, 10/02/13; HR 3230, Vote #515, 10/03/13; HJ Res 72, Vote #517, 10/03/13; H Res 371, Vote #519, 10/04/13; HJ Res 85, Vote #521, 10/04/13; HJ Res 75, Vote #523, 10/04/13; HJ Res 77, Vote #527, 10/07/13; HJ Res 84, Vote #529, 10/08/13]

Congressman Rigell Said He Was Working to Stop Sequestration.  “Sequestration is now in effect and, unless action is taken by Congress and the President, its impact on jobs and military readiness will build in the coming months. I’ve been working for more than a year on this critical issue and that fight will not stop.” [Rigell website, accessed 10/01/13]


…But Voted Against Considering the Replacement of Sequester with a Balanced Approach. In 2013, Rigell voted against considering the Stop the Sequester Job Loss Now Act, which would replace the entire sequester for the remainder of fiscal year 2013. “That measure would eliminate subsidies to the farm industry, scrap tax preferences used by oil-and-gas companies and implement a new minimum tax rate on people making seven figures annually — the proposal commonly known as the ‘Buffett Rule.’” A vote against the motion would have allowed for consideration of the sequester replacement bill. [H Res 352, Vote #472, 9/19/13; The Hill, 2/11/13]


Congressman Rigell Said He Was Out to Change Washington’s “Toxic” Partisanship. In 2013 Rigell said he was working “to find common ground in sound legislation that’s actually enacted…This paralysis we’re in, this toxic mix of partisanship, no facts, weak ideas, is- the Republic can’t stand this.” [Christian Science Monitor, 9/27/12]


…But Has Voted Almost 90 Percent of the Time with Republican Leadership. The Washington Post reported that Rigell has voted 89 percent of the time of Republican leadership. [Washington Post, accessed 10/08/13]