Campaign 2010

May 03, 2010

FACT CHECK: Tim Burns’ Record as a Businessman Led to Job Loss

At this evening’s candidate forum in Davidsville, Pennsylvania, millionaire Republican Tim Burns once again touted his experience as a businessman, despite the fact that the sale of his company that got him rich led to job loss.  In addition, his own company abused a loophole that encouraged shipping jobs overseas.




In 2002, Burns said he supported NDCHealth buying his company TechRx despite the fact that he knew it could lead to layoffs in Western Pennsylvania.  58 jobs were lost as a result of the sale. [Pittsburgh Business Times, 5/31/02; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/22/10]


Burns’ own company was taking advantage a loophole that gave them a tax break for shipping jobs overseas.  [The Hill, 4/12/10]