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Jan 22, 2012

FACT CHECK: Speaker Boehner Falsely Claims Republicans Support Payroll Tax Cut

On Fox News Sunday today, House Speaker John Boehner falsely claimed that House Republicans have a plan to extend the payroll tax cut for middle income Americans that would be offset with “reasonable reductions in spending.”

In reality, Republicans nearly forced a middle income tax increase at the end of last year and are demanding Medicare premium hikes on millions of seniors to continue extending the tax cut, while they protect tax breaks for billionaires and Big Oil. The Associated Press reported the House Republicans’ plan would mean “Millions who don’t consider themselves wealthy would also end up paying more” in Medicare premiums.



House Republican Plan Would Raise the Cost of Medicare Premiums. The Associated Press reported, “Raising taxes on millionaires may be a non-starter for Republicans, but they seem to have no problem hiking Medicare premiums for retirees making a lot less.” The House Republican bill would require many seniors to pay “as much as several hundred dollars a month additional for Medicare outpatient and prescription coverage.” [Associated Press, 12/13/11]

House Republicans are Refusing to Budge on Payroll Tax Positions. According to Bloomberg News, “Congressional negotiators are refusing to budge from positions that could stall talks to extend a payroll tax cut through 2012. A House-Senate conference committee aimed at breaking the deadlock may meet as soon as Jan. 24. Democrats want to impose a tax on income exceeding $1 million and are warning Republicans against seeking to attach policy proposals that aren’t linked to the tax cut, such as loosening rules on industrial emissions. Republicans oppose the tax on high earners to pay for the extension, while insisting that the full $100 billion package must be offset.”  [Bloomberg, 1/19/12]