Campaign 2010

Oct 16, 2010

FACT CHECK: Republican Allen West (FL-22) Lies About Ties to Motorcycle Gang

In a statement issued this morning, Republican congressional candidate Allen West’s campaign lied about his associations with a motorcycle gang called the Outlaws, which the West campaign itself admits is an “organization with a history of criminal activity.” [West Campaign Statement, 9/16/10]

LIE: Allen West Denies Ties to the Outlaws.

West’s campaign said, "Let me be perfectly clear, Allen West has absolutely no ties to the outlaw bikers club - an organization with a history of criminal activity, as well as racism against African Americans." [West Campaign Statement, 9/16/10]

FACT: Allen West Has Been Guarded by the Outlaws, Personally Wrote E-mails Defending the Outlaws.

Allen West was confronted by NBC News’ Lisa Myers with emails he personally wrote.  When the Outlaws were referred to as criminals, Allen West wrote back “please no more references to ‘criminal’ … I was never more amazed by how members of the Outlaws guarded me.” [NBC News, 10/15/10]

FACT: Allen West Was Photographed with Members of Clubs that Brag About Being Tied to the Outlaws.

“In August, he was photographed here.  Speaking at a constitutional rights rally sponsored by clubs which brag that they are affiliated with the Outlaws.”  [NBC News, 10/15/10]

FACT: Allen West Writes Monthly Column for a Biker Magazine that Advocates for Outlaws in Prison for Violent Crimes.

Allen West is a monthly contributor to a biker magazine that regularly advertises Outlaw events and advocates for Outlaws currently in prison for violent crimes. [Wheels on the Road Magazine list of contributors]


  • The Justice Department has said that the Outlaws produce and distribute methamphetamine, and engage in other criminal activities including arson, homicide, and prostitution. [Justice Department, National Gang Threat Assessment 2009]
  • Yves Lavigne, author of “Hells Angels at War” was interviewed for the History Channel’s Gangland. Lavigne said, “The Outlaws consider women as an object to be used to make money. I mean she might be the guy’s girlfriend, she might be the guy’s wife, but he’s making her do 10, 20, 30 guys a night because it provides income for him.” [History Channel’s “Gangland”, Season 2, Episode 3 “Biker Wars”]