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May 15, 2011

FACT CHECK: Paul Ryan Falsely Claims Town Hall Meetings Went “Phenomenally Well”

Today, on CNN State of the Union, Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (WI-01) responded to the political backlash to his plan that ends Medicare by falsely claiming “our town hall meetings went phenomenally well.”


In reality, from polling to town hall meetings, the American public has made known their strong opposition to the Republican plan to end Medicare. Ryan even admitted his own town halls where larger than the 2009 health care town halls.




Ryan Said Town Halls Concerning His Budget Were Larger than 2009 Health Care Town Halls. While hosting a series of town halls in the district, Ryan said that the crowds were larger than those during the August 2009 health care town hall sessions. “The people in the crowd largely opposed the Ryan plan, holding signs such as ‘RyanCare = Dying Bare,’ ‘Leave Medicare Alone’ or simply, ‘Save Medicare!’” [Politico, 4/26/11]


Outrage and Anger at Town Hall meetings. In the last few weeks, voters spoke out at town hall meetings in opposition to this controversial Republican plan.


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  • Republican Lawmakers Face Angry, Confused Constituents on Medicare, Budget Cuts [ABC News, 4/25/11]


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Poll: 84 percent oppose the Republicans’ plan to end Medicare. “According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 84 percent of Americans oppose the idea -- about the same number who dismissed it in 1995. And if they’re told that the cost of private insurance for seniors is projected to outpace the cost of Medicare insurance for seniors -- which is exactly what CBO projects -- more than 80 percent of Americans oppose the plan.” [Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, 4/20/11]