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Feb 17, 2013

FACT CHECK: Paul Ryan Falsely Claims Sequester Was President’s Idea

On ABC’s This Week this morning, Republican Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan falsely claimed that President Obama is responsible for the upcoming budget sequester that would slash defense spending and eliminate more than 2 million American jobs.


In reality, House Republican leaders voted for the sequester and Speaker John Boehner claimed that he got “98 percent” of what he wanted. Ryan himself called sequester “a victory for those committed to controlling government spending and growing our economy.”


More recently, Ryan and Tea Party House Republicans have refused to stop the sequester. Ryan predicted last month that “the sequester is going to happen” and last week 222 of Ryan’s House Republicans voted to leave for vacation because they refused to negotiate a compromise that ends tax breaks for millionaires and corporate special interests to spare Americans from these economy-wrecking cuts.




  • Ryan Called the Budget Control Act That Produced Sequester a “Victory.” “The Budget Control Act represents a victory for those committed to controlling government spending and growing our economy. I applaud Speaker Boehner’s leadership in stopping tax increases on job creators, rejecting President Obama’s demands for a blank check to keep borrowing, and advancing real spending cuts and controls. The agreement – while far from perfect – underscores the extent to which the new House majority has successfully changed Washington’s culture of spending,” he explained. [Ryan statement, 8/01/11]


  • Tea Party House Republicans are blocking alternatives. Tea Party Republicans have blocked Democrats’ efforts to bring an alternative to sequester to the floor for a vote four times. [Rep. Van Hollen release, 2/14/13]


  • Paul Ryan: Sequester Was “Going To Happen.” In 2013, Congressman Paul Ryan predicted that “the sequester is going to happen.” [The Hill, 1/27/13]


  • Tom Cole: GOP Preferred Sequester to Any New Revenue. In 2013, Congressman Tom Cole said that the GOP preferred the sequester to any new revenue. “We just had additional revenue for the federal government, so I don’t see any way in the world the sequester won’t happen either as written or renegotiated or reallocated cuts. But I don’t see any revenue coming in the picture,” he explained. [Talking Points Memo, 2/05/13]


  • John Boehner: I Got “98 Percent” of What I Wanted in Budget Deal. In 2011, Speaker John Boehner said that he got “98 percent” of what he wanted in a budget deal with the Obama Administration. “When you look at this final agreement that we came to with the white House, I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I’m pretty happy,” he said. [CBS News, 8/01/11]


  • Congressman Ryan voted to adjourn without a solution to the sequester. [H Con Res 15, Vote #43, 2/15/13]