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Nov 21, 2013

Fact Check: Coffman’s Allies Falsely Claim He’s “Consistent” on Immigration Reform

Congressman Mike Coffman’s Washington allies falsely claimed his support of immigration reform has been “consistent” in a comment to the Denver Post this week.

In reality, the only thing consistent about Congressman Coffman’s record is his opposition to the bipartisan Senate immigration reform, his support for anti-immigrant zealot Tom Tancredo, his opposition to the DREAM Act, and his vote to start deporting DREAMers again.


Denver Post: “No Colorado House Republican” Support the Senate Immigration Bill. In 2013, the Denver Post reported: “The Senate [immigration] bill, which no Colorado House Republican supports, commits $38 billion on border security — 20,000 new agents, 700 miles of new fencing, expensive technology such as drones and infrared cameras.” [Denver Post, 11/10/13]

  • Congressman Coffman was Concerned about the Senate Immigration Bill because "Promises Were Not Kept" in 1986 on Border Security. In 2013, Coffman said he was concerned about the Senate Immigration bill, because of the promises not kept surrounding the 1986 immigration reform.  “I appreciate the effort that my colleagues in the Senate have made in trying to fix a badly broken immigration system but I'm still concerned because the promises made in the 1986 immigration reform bill on enforcement and border security were not promises kept. I will work for solutions in the House that will provide for the reforms necessary to not only secure our borders but to verify that they remain secure,” Coffman said. [Coffman Press Release, 6/27/13]

Congressman Coffman Called Tom Tancredo His “Hero” and Had Served “This Country With Honor and Integrity and Courage.” In 2010, while speaking at a Tea Party Express event, Coffman said: “It is a great honor for me to introduce, somebody that is my hero. Somebody that has served this country with honor and integrity and courage. Somebody when the republican establishment in Washington went so and violated the principles that got them elected, who did not stand with them and that is former congressman Tom Tancredo.” [Tea Party Express Event, YouTube 3/31/10]

  • Colorado Independent: “Coffman Adopted Much the Same Rhetoric and Policy Stances” as Tancredo. In 2013, the Colorado Independent reported: “For years the state’s deep-red Sixth District was represented by anti-illegal immigration crusader Tom Tancredo and, when he replaced Tancredo in 2008, Coffman adopted much the same rhetoric and policy stances.” [Colorado Independent, 6/06/13]
  • Congressman Coffman Praised Tancredo for Killing Republican Immigration Bill. At a campaign rally for Tom Tancredo in 2010, Congressman Coffman said: “When the Republican President of the United States with the Republican leadership with Democrat allies came up with a so-called immigration reform bill that did nothing to secure the borders of the United States and provided amnesty for those who have broken our laws, Tom Tancredo refused to stand with those Republicans. Tom Tancredo is the conservative in this race.” [Rally for Tom Tancredo, 10/17/10]

Congressman Coffman Voted to Restart Deporting an Estimated 800,000 DREAM Act Eligible Young People. In 2013, Congressman Coffman voted for an amendment to the 2014 Homeland Security appropriations bill that would prohibit the use of Immigration and Customs Enforcement funds to implement President Obama’s June 2012 order that protects the “DREAMers” from deportation—those estimated 800,000 young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives.  The amendment also prohibits other prosecutorial discretion policies that ensure the agency's immigration enforcement resources are targeted at serious criminals, and not at those who pose no threat to U.S. communities, such as victims of domestic violence and other crimes who come forward to seek protection and identify their abusers. The amendment passed, 224-201. [HR 2217, Vote #208, 6/06/13]

  • Said DREAM Act Would be a “Nightmare” for Americans. In 2010, Coffman said that the DREAM Act would be “a nightmare” for Americans. “The Dream Act will be a nightmare for the American people. No doubt, we need immigration reform but the Dream Act is written far too broadly and it will only encourage more illegal immigration, promote chain migration, and will be a magnet for fraud,” he said. [Office of Mike Coffman, 12/08/10]