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Aug 04, 2013

FACT CHECK: Cantor Attacks Sequester Cuts He Refuses to Repeal

On Fox News Sunday this morning House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said the sequester cuts he and House Republicans forced on the American people are “not the best way to go about spending reductions.”

In reality, Cantor and House Republicans voted for the sequester, and have repeatedly refused to repeal the sequester and replace it with a balanced approach to deficit reduction. The sequester is costing the American economy 1.6 million jobs, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, but House Republicans led by Eric Cantor continue to support keeping these indiscriminate cuts in place.


CBO: Sequester Will Cut Up to 1.6 Million Jobs. “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on Thursday estimated that keeping the spending cuts from sequestration in place through fiscal 2014 would cost up to 1.6 million jobs. Canceling the cuts, on the other hand, would yield between 300,000 to 1.6 million new jobs, with the most likely outcome being the addition of 900,000, the CBO said.” [The Hill, 7/25/13]

Republicans Voted Against Replacing Sequester:

  • In 2013, Republicans voted against considering the Stop the Sequester Job Loss Now Act, which would replace the entire sequester for the remainder of fiscal year 2013. The previous question was approved 229-196. A vote against the motion would have allowed for consideration of the sequester replacement bill. [H Res 99, Vote #59, 5/06/13]
  • In 2013, Republicans  voted against a budget that would have replaced the entire sequester for the remainder of fiscal year 2013. According to The Hill, “That measure would eliminate subsidies to the farm industry, scrap tax preferences used by oil-and-gas companies and implement a new minimum tax rate on people making seven figures annually — the proposal commonly known as the ‘Buffett Rule.’” The budget was rejected 165-253. [H Con Res 25, Vote #87, 3/21/13; The Hill, 2/11/13]