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Feb 10, 2009

Fact Check: Campaign Falsely Claims Mailings Were Sent Before Tedisco Became Candidate for Congress

This afternoon career Albany politician Jim Tedisco continued his disturbing pattern of double-speak and hypocrisy, this time falsely claiming that a mail piece was sent before the career politician became a candidate for Congress.  In reality, Tedisco sent the mail piece to voters outside of his assembly district, a practice he has previously decried, after he formally was nominated as his party's candidate for Congress in New York's 20th District.


A timeline contrasting the facts surrounding the incident with the Tedisco campaign's rhetoric is included below.


FICTION: Mailing "Were Sent Before Tedisco Became a Candidate."


On February 10, 2009, Tedisco claimed that all taxpayer-funded mail was sent prior to him becoming a candidate.


According to the New York Observer:


Josh Fitzpatrick, a Tedisco surrogate, said that the mailings are justified, and noted they were sent before Tedisco became a candidate. He said no future mailings are planned.


"These are issues that affect everyday New Yorkers," Fitzpatrick said. "These are definitely not political mailers; that's for sure. They are definitely informational mailers." [New York Observer, 2/10/09]


FACT: Mail Was Received Outside of Tedisco's District Feb. 5


On February 5th 2009, local taxpayers received a piece of mail from the New York State Assembly touting the work that Tedisco has done.


 One mailer arrived in the 12801 zip code, which is outside of Tedisco's assembly district. [Tedisco State-Funded Mail, Arrived: 2/5/09; Assembly Member Search]


FACT: Tedisco Said He Wanted Congressional Seat Jan. 24 - Twelve Days Earlier


On January 24th 2009, Tedisco was listed among the candidates expressing interest in the congressional seat in several different news sources.


Additionally, Tedisco was already receiving endorsements on the 24th. [Ithaca Journal, 1/24/09; Glens Falls Post-Star, 1/24/09]


FACT: Tedisco Nominated As Republican Candidate Jan. 27 - Nine Days Earlier


On January 27th 2009, Tedisco was nominated by the Republican Party to serve as their candidate to replace Rep. Gillibrand.


Tedisco and the National Republican Congressional Committee issued statements on the same day.  [Politico, 1/27/09]



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