Campaign 2010

May 03, 2010

FACT CHECK: Burns Is Trying to Hide from His Support for the Fair Tax

At this evening’s candidate forum in Davidsville, Pennsylvania, millionaire Republican Tim Burns tried to hide from his own reckless tax agenda.  The fact is that he explicitly supported the Fair Tax in the past, a risky plan that would increase the tax burden on middle class families while only benefiting millionaires like himself. 




In a May 2009 interview on Front Lines Blog, Tim Burns stated his support for the regressive Fair Tax, even though it would only benefit those making over $200,000 a year. In Pennsylvania, middle income Pennsylvania families would see their taxes increase by $3,818 per year under Burns’ plan. The top one percent would see their taxes cut by $187,080 a year.  [Front Lines Blog, 5/14/09; Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy;, 5/31/07;, 3/29/10]