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Mar 17, 2013

FACT CHECK: Boehner Falsely Claims ‘Nothing Wrong’ with Party Principles

On ABC’s This Week, House Speaker John Boehner claimed that his party’s problems are about communication, not its core principles. Boehner said: “There's nothing wrong with the principles of our party. But Republicans have not done as an effective job as we should in terms of talking about our principles in terms that average people can appreciate.”

The reality is that the American people understand the Republican party’s principles and have soundly rejected them, both in the drubbing voters gave Republicans at the polls in November and in the party’s dismal polling in the months since the election.


72 Percent of Americans “Disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their jobs.” According to a Washington Post ABC News poll, 72 percent of poll respondents disapprove of Congressional Republicans.” [Washington Post, 3/13/13]

Pew: 62 Percent of Americans Say The Republican Party is “Out of Touch,” 52 Percent Say Republicans Are “Too Extreme.” According to a February 2013 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center: “Sixty-two percent of adults say the GOP is out of touch with the American people, 56 percent say it’s not open to change and 52 percent say it’s too extreme, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Tuesday.” [Politico, 2/26/13]

  • Headline: Poll: Republicans 'out of touch' [Politico, 2/26/13]

64 Percent of Americans Believe That “Republicans Are Pushing Partisanship Over National Unity.” According to a February 2013 poll commissioned by NBC/Wall Street Journal found that 64 percent of “respondents say Republicans are pushing partisanship over national unity.” [MSNBC, 2/26/13]

  • Headline: New poll: Two-thirds say GOP puts party before country [MSNBC, 2/26/13]

Republican Governors Criticize Their Party’s Lack of Leadership in Congress

Gov. Christie Described House Republican Politics as “Toxic,” Declaring that “Americans are Tired of the… Political Partisanship of this Congress.” Appearing at a bipartisan Hurricane Sandy relief press conference, Governor Chris Christie said that federal disaster assistance “could not overcome the toxic internal politics of the House majority.” Christie went on to say “Americans are tired of the palace intrigue and political partisanship of this Congress, which places one-upmanship ahead of the lives of the citizens who sent these people to Washington, D.C., in the first place.” [CNN, 1/2/13]

Gov. Walker Slammed House Republicans for Not Providing Leadership on Sequestration. According to Politico: “Walker, too, said congressional leadership has been ineffective in bringing about any solutions to the impending cuts. ‘We’re not here speaking on behalf of Republicans on the Hill, we’re speaking on behalf of Republican governors,’ he said. ‘The difference is, we’re providing leadership.’” [Politico, 2/25/13]