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Mar 17, 2013

FACT CHECK: Boehner Falsely Claims Democrats Don’t Want to Fix Budget

On ABC’s This Week, House Speaker John Boehner falsely attacked President Obama and Democrats, saying that Democrats don’t want to fix the country’s finances.

The truth is that Democrats have already cut at least $2.5 trillion from the federal budget. Democrats have also proposed additional cuts, including closing tax loopholes for the well-connected and special interest corporations, but continuing to prioritize smart investments in the future that will create good-paying jobs. In the same interview, Boehner also admitted that “we do not have an immediate debt crisis.”


The President Has Cut $2.7 Trillion From The Deficit. According to a CNN fact check of the President’s 2013 State of the Union speech: “In fact, the latest savings estimate is actually closer to $2.7 trillion, according to Marc Goldwein, CRFB's senior policy director. Of that amount, $1.57 trillion comes from spending cuts, $690 billion from increased tax revenue and $430 billion from interest savings.” [CNN, 2/12/13]

The President Has Reduced the Deficit to $845 Billion for 2013. According to the Associated Press, “The Congressional Budget Office analysis released Tuesday says the government will run a $845 billion deficit this year, a modest improvement compared to last year's $1.1 trillion shortfall.” [Associated Press, 2/05/13]