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Jul 08, 2014

FACT CHECK: Andy Tobin Falsely Claims he Opposed the Government Shutdown

In a recent radio interview, Andy “Two-Faced” Tobin falsely claimed that he opposed House Republicans’ government shutdown that closed the Grand Canyon and other national parks. In reality, Andy Tobin backed the strategy that led to the shutdown and event tried to shift the blame onto others.

“Andy ‘Two-Faced’ Tobin supported House Republicans’ reckless government shutdown that cost our economy billions and closed the Grand Canyon, and now he’s trying to rewrite history,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Arizonans will see right through Andy Tobin’s ongoing efforts to distance himself from his own record, because they know his brand of dysfunctional and self-serving politics would do nothing to help middle class families.”


Tobin: “I Would Not have… Shut Down the Federal Government.” In July 2014, Tobin, while being interviewed on The Joe Harting Show, stated that he would not have supported efforts to shut down the federal government. Harting: If you were in the Congress, would you have joined the other Republicans in the state and signed that letter that initiated the shutdown, or would you have diverged from that? Tobin: Yeah, I would not have signed that letter to shut down the federal government. [Tobin interview, The Joe Harting Show, 20:10]

Tobin Called Republican-Passed CR That Led to Shutdown “Very Appropriate.” On October 6, 2013, Tobin said that he supported the Republican-passed continuing resolution demanding changes to the Affordable Care Act. “Tobin told The Arizona Republic,  ‘I don’t think (Republicans are) being extreme on this issue,’ by demanding changes to the Affordable Care Act in exchange for approving temporary government funding, despite the president’s promised veto. ‘For the Republican majority to have offered this (continuing resolution) was very appropriate.’” [Arizona Republic10/06/13]

Arizona Republic: Tobin “Trying to Pin” Closing of Grand Canyon on Rep. Kirkpatrick. “Aiming to challenge two-term Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick for northeast Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, Tobin is betting voters will direct their anger at incumbents more than the GOP. He’s also trying to pin the natural wonder’s closure on Kirkpatrick — calling her position ‘Obamacare’ vs. the Grand Canyon.” [Arizona Republic10/07/13]

Arizona Republic Editorial: “We Need a Clean Funding Bill Now.” “We need a clean funding bill now. Then we need a debate on the budget unhampered by proxy fights over ‘Obamacare.’ Most of all, we need the Republican Party to rein in the madness. Sen. John McCain tried. He called out the firebrands on the futility of turning a routine funding bill into a proxy for continuing opposition to Obamacare. But the voice of reason failed. Normally level-headed Speaker John Boehner abdicated his role as resident House parent and joined the binge-happy tea drinkers. It’s time to sober up.” [Editorial, Arizona Republic10/01/13]

Headline: Report: National parks shutdown cost Arizona $27M [Associated Press, 3/03/14]

Shutdown Closed Export-Import Bank, which Supported 89 Percent of Arizona Small Business Exports. “American exporters and some companies trying to ship products into the U.S. say they are finding new roadblocks as the impact of the shutdown in Washington spreads overseas […]The normal operation of the Export-Import Bank -- whose existence was the subject of a months-long battle last year between Tea Party Republicans and airlines on one side and the U.S. business lobby on the other -- has come to a halt. ‘The fact is, we can’t do new deals’ or process those that have already been submitted for approval, David Sena, the bank’s chief financial officer, said by phone. The bank provides financing, including loan guarantees, to foreign buyers of U.S. goods.” In Arizona, the Ex-Im Bank has supported at least $653 million in total exports between 2007 and 2014, including $115 million, or 89 percent, of small business exports in FY2012. [Bloomberg, 10/11/13; Export-Import Bank 2012 Annual Report Face, accessed 10/21/13; Ex-Im Bank Small Business Support by State, accessed 10/21/13; Export-Import Bank of the United States website, accessed 7/08/14]