Campaign 2010

Oct 16, 2010

FACT CHECK #2: Republican Allen West (FL-22) Continues to Lie About His Ties to Motorcycle Gang

Allen West’s Second Set of Lies of the Day

FACT CHECK #2: Republican Allen West (FL-22) Continues to Lie About His Ties to Motorcycle Gang

Republican Allen West’s (FL-22) campaign is continuing to lie about his connection to the Outlaws organized crime syndicate, his monthly columns in Wheels on the Road, a magazine that promotes the Outlaws motorcycle gang and denigrates women, and his plan to attend a Wheels on the Road rally tonight.

LIE: Allen West’s campaign claims he never planned to attend a rally this evening in Pompano Beach.  [Miami Herald, 10/16/10]

FACT: A widely distributed flier for the rally prominently mentions Allen West’s appearance tonight and refers to him as “our next Congressman.” [Wheels on the Road website

LIE: West’s campaign disputes that he sends his columns directly to “Wheels on the Road.” [Miami Herald, 10/16/10]

FACT:  On the “Wheels on the Road” website, Allen West is featured as a regular contributor and he has his own “Wheels on the Road” email address,  [Wheels on the Road website

FACT: According to the Miami Herald, in the past West appeared to “be writing specifically for Wheels on the Road.”

"Fellow South Florida Bikers, it is my sincere honor to have the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you all. I am Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired) and am running for Florida’s US Congressional District 22. This district runs from north Palm Beach County down to Broward out to Plantation. I met Miami Mike last month at a bike ride and rally held by our campaign, and he was kind enough to offer me this column." [Miami Herald, 10/16/10]

LIE: Allen West denies ties to the Outlaws. [Miami Herald, 10/16/10]

FACT: Allen West has been guarded by the Outlaws, personally wrote e-mails defending the Outlaws.

Allen West was confronted by NBC News’ Lisa Myers with emails he personally wrote.  When the Outlaws were referred to as criminals, Allen West wrote back “please no more references to ‘criminal’ … I was never more amazed by how members of the Outlaws guarded me.” [NBC News, 10/15/10]

FACT: Allen West Was Photographed with Members of Clubs that Brag About Being Tied to the Outlaws.

“In August, he was photographed here.  Speaking at a constitutional rights rally sponsored by clubs which brag that they are affiliated with the Outlaws.”  [NBC News, 10/15/10]