Campaign 2010

Jan 08, 2010

Facing a Challenge from the Right, Bono Mack Is Taking a Page from the Romney Playbook

Since Mitt Romney is in the Coachella Valley this weekend he can offer Congresswoman Bono Mack a first hand tutorial in Lesson One from his political primer: how to cast yourself as a conservative candidate in the face of a competitive Republican primary.


“With Republicans climbing over each other to prove who’s most conservative – and with Congresswoman Bono Mack facing a primary challenge – Bono Mack is making a sharp right turn,” said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Just like Mitt Romney in facing a Republican primary, Bono Mack used to call herself ‘progressive’ and ‘moderate’ but now it’s full-tilt ‘conservative.’  Clearly running scared, Bono Mack’s even signaling a change of heart on the energy bill after protesters showed up at her office when she voted for it last summer.”





  • In a campaign newsletter, Bono Mack appealed for funds and said, “…help us fend off the DCCC and keep conservative leadership in California’s 45th.” [Desert Sun, 12/21/09]


  • Describing herself as a “progressive Republican,” Bono Mack pointed to her past support for stricter fuel economy standards and her work on environmental issues as evidence that her independent streak isn’t a recent reaction to political trends. [Riverside Press Enterprise, 6/13/09]


  • The Desert Sun quoted her saying, “It’s my goal as a Republican, and as a moderate Republican, to make sure that the policies that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pass really do reflect the will of the American people.” [Desert Sun, 11/05/08]


  • The seven-term moderate lawmaker who represents a district flush with green energy resources says she has lingering concerns that could turn her to a final no vote on an issue that will play heavily in her 2010 re-election campaign. [Desert Sun, 11/12/09]


  • Clayton Thibodeau, a self-described Republican Constitutionalist from Hemet, announced earlier this month that he was entering the race. In an interview with The Desert Sun, he said, “You cannot vote for cap and trade and call yourself a Republican.” [Desert Sun, 11/12/09]