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Mar 12, 2009

Everglades Enemy #1: Representative Tom Rooney



Representative Rooney Votes Against Everglades Protection


Protecting national treasures are usually high on the priority list for Members of Congress.


Not so for Representative Tom Rooney, who voted against a bill that will expand the Everglades National Park by 600 acres yesterday.


"Representative Rooney's vote to block Everglades Protection shows he is painfully out of touch with his district," said Jessica Santillo, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Maybe he doesn't realize the Everglades is in his district? Or maybe he would rather pave over the River of Grass rather than protect it."




  • Sec. 7107 of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act contains a provision to allow Everglades National Park to purchase 600 acres of land and water from the Nature Conservancy.


  • Representative Rooney voted against the Omnibus Public Land Management Act yesterday. [Roll Call Vote, 3/11/2009]


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