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Aug 07, 2009

Eric Cantor:Silence on Limbaugh’s Anti-Semitic Rant but Criticism for President Obama While Oversea

Congressman Eric Cantor - the second ranking Republican in the House - may be silent on Rush Limbaugh's outrageous comments while overseas, but he has no problem criticizing President Obama despite Senator John McCain calling such criticism while overseas ‘totally inappropriate.'  Cantor's willingness to criticize the President of the United States while on foreign soil is stunning in light of his refusal to criticize Rush Limbaugh's hateful comparison of Democrats to Nazis.


"While Congressman Eric Cantor lacks courage to stand up to Rush Limbaugh, he has no problem criticizing the President of the United States while overseas, after his own party's presidential nominee calls such criticism ‘totally inappropriate.'" said Jennifer Crider, Deputy Executive Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Cantor's willingness to criticize President Obama while standing on foreign soil is not only the new gold standard of hypocrisy, but it raises serious questions considering his continuing silence of Mr. Limbaugh's hateful anti-Semitic rant here at home."   



On Criticizing The President While on Foreign Soil



 Senator John McCain in 2002:

"These are members of Congress. If these members of Congress want to go to the floor of the House and criticize the president of the United States until the cows come home, fine with me, but don't go overseas... That is not appropriate behavior and I don't think it will be very well received by the majority of the American people. It's totally inappropriate." [CNN, 10/2/02]

Eric Cantor on August 7, 2009:


"We are concerned about what the White House has been signaling as of late in their desire to push through in terms of a Middle East peace plan." [The Hill, 8/6/09] 



On Rush Limbaugh


Eric Cantor on August 1, 2009:


"My sense is that we need the ... Rush Limbaughs..." Cantor says. "We need all of them." [Haaretz, 08/01/09]



Rush Limbaugh on August 6, 2009:  


"... the Democrat Party and where it's taken this country, the radical left leadership of this party bears much more resemblance to Nazi policies than anything we on the right believe in at all..." [The Rush Limbaugh Show, 08/06/09]


Eric Cantor's continuing reaction to Limbaugh's hateful statements: