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Oct 16, 2012

Editorial Boards Endorsing Democrats for House

Editorial Boards across the country are giving strong backing to top tier Democratic candidates and rejecting the Tea Party Republican Congress and its candidates.


Take a look for yourself.


Send McDowell to Congress [Detroit Free Press]

“McDowell should have beaten Benishek two years ago; now that voters have seen Benishek's poor service first-hand, they ought to correct it by sending Gary McDowell to Congress.” [Detroit Free Press, 10/14/12]


Steve Pestka is the better fit for this district, by far [Detroit Free Press]

“Amash has frequently found himself voting "present" as a way to avoid compromising his principles -- a tacit admission that he's miscast as a federal lawmaker. His opponent, Democrat Steve Pestka, has a far broader philosophy and much more impressive experience than Amash had before he was elected. Pestka has been a county commissioner, a state representative and a circuit judge. He is now a successful attorney and developer in Grand Rapids. […] Steve Pestka is the better fit for this district, by far.” [Detroit Free Press, 10/14/12]


Taj has more grounding in government [Detroit Free Press]

“ […] Taj has more grounding in government, even if it's just a little on the Canton Board of Trustees. He would be a middle-of-the-road Democrat in a district that leans Republican, but could use more settled leadership in the wake of McCotter's meltdown.” [Detroit Free Press, 10/14/12]


Southern Arizona's concerns and people are paramount for Barber [Arizona Daily Star]

“In this short time, Barber, with tenacity, has shown a propensity to navigate within political extremes. We believe that will help him better address concerns in Southern Arizona, like improving the economy, bolstering jobs and practical immigration reforms […] The Star endorses Ron Barber for Congress in District 2.” [Arizona Daily Star, 10/14/12]


Derek Kilmer has a business-friendly approach [The Seattle Times]

“Kilmer does have a political record, and it is one of the better ones in Olympia. His business-friendly approach and legislative style is just what is needed in Congress.” [The Seattle Times, 10/3/12]


Castor has been a solid voice [Tampa Bay Times]

“Kathy Castor has been a solid voice for working families, seniors, students and military veterans since first being elected to Congress in 2006, and her future is bright [...]Castor has risen through the leadership ranks because of her hard work and attention to detail. She has a firm grasp of this diverse, urban district, which extends from Tampa and the south shoreline of Hillsborough County to south and central St. Petersburg. For U.S. House District 14, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Kathy Castor.”  [Tampa Bay Times, 10/13/12]


Sal Pace will seek practical solutions in Congress [Durango Herald]

“[…] Tipton has shown that he is above all else a party-line Republican who does not deviate from the party’s positions. He is an ardent supporter of the Ryan budget, voted against allowing the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases and voted to remove all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. His is not an approach that reflects the breadth of his district and the experiences of those who live in it. To do better, Pace must listen carefully and act accordingly. He has the experience and outlook to do so. Vote for Sal Pace.” [Durango Herald, 10/13/12]


Shelley Adler- a formidable opponent [Philadelphia Inquirer]

“Conventional wisdom says Runyan will continue representing the traditionally conservative district that includes much of Burlington and Ocean Counties. But he has a formidable opponent. Runyan's advocacy for veterans and vote to contain student loan rates are noteworthy, but the 38-year-old Mount Laurel resident has been on the wrong side when it comes to tax and health-care issues affecting his district's increasing senior population. The Inquirer endorses Shelley Adler.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/12/12]


John Garamendi for 3rd District [SF Gate]

“Garamendi's background has been reflected in the sure-footedness he has demonstrated on issues he has taken on in Congress, from his opposition to the war in Afghanistan and delta water diversions to his efforts on behalf of veterans and U.S. manufacturing…Vann is a Republican to watch in California politics. For this election, Garamendi offers a clear edge in experience on critical issues.” [SF Gate, 10/12/12]


Aurora has moved on, and Coffman has not [Aurora Sentinel]

“While both Republican Mike Coffman and Democrat Joe Miklosi offer solid options as the city’s first inclusive representative to Congress, Miklosi is the best choice for Aurora. Here’s why. While Aurora has certainly become a vastly diverse place, Miklosi is much closer aligned with how the majority of residents think about important issues Congress will undertake.” [Aurora Sentinel, 10/11/12]

Heck the clear choice for 10th Congressional District [The Olympian]

“Heck best represents the moderate-to-progressive views of Thurston County voters, advocating for a balanced approach of cuts and revenue increases to the budget and focusing on housing and job creation as the keys to economic recovery.” [The Olympian, 10/11/12]


Sinema a Good Fit for District [The Arizona Republic]

“Parker would be a reliable Republican vote. Sinema would be just as reliably Democratic. If that's all that matters, you know how to vote. But we look for more in a member of the House. And when we add up these factors, Sinema is the stronger choice.” [The Arizona Republic, 10/10/12]


No doubt about McNerney [The Record]

“Gill says, "We need more statesmen in Congress," but even before being elected he has signed the infamous Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge that essentially removes negotiation from the bargaining table. He told The Record's editorial board he would stand by that pledge even if the nation went to war. This is not to suggest Gill isn't bright. He most assuredly is. Nor is he a flamethrower. But his level of naïveté and being born privileged at times makes him seem dismissive of just how tough some Valley residents have it. McNerney has had tough times. He has been laid off from a job. For that matter, he had actual jobs before launching his public service career. […] McNerney should be sent back to Congress.” [The Record, 10/10/12]


Hernandez has Heart, Passion [The Record]

“Former astronaut Jose Hernandez was rejected by the space agency 11 times before being accepted into the ranks of NASA's most exclusive club. It's that kind of determination and energy he promises to bring to Congress if elected from the newly drawn 10th District that includes much of Stanislaus County and southern San Joaquin County.” [The Record, 10/10/12]


Enyart's military experience is perhaps his best asset [The Chicago Tribune]

“Our endorsement goes to Democrat Bill Enyart of Belleville, a lawyer who just retired after 30 years in the Illinois National Guard, the last five as commander for the state. Enyart's military experience is perhaps his best asset, since the base, with its 13,000 employees, is the district's biggest economic engine.” [The Chicago Tribune, 10/10/12] 


Capps' priorities dovetail with those of coastal Ventura County [Ventura County Star]

“Overall, Rep. Capps' priorities dovetail with those of coastal Ventura County, such as her pro-environment stance and preventing new oil and gas drilling off the coast. In her committee work on Capitol Hill, she has kept a focus on health care and Medicare reform; making it easier for military veterans who were medics to become civilian emergency medical technicians; addressing the need for more nurses; and other important issues… Voters can express their approval of her thoughtful, measured, bipartisan approach by re-electing Rep. Capps.” [Ventura County Star, 10/10/12]


Duckworth over Walsh in 8th Congressional District

“ With problems so great, we need a Congress that works together on solutions, and Walsh in his first term showed no inclination to do so (although he has indicated he would be more collaborative if he wins a second term). Our endorsement instead goes to former Veterans Affairs leader Tammy Duckworth, a war veteran from Hoffman Estates, who has campaigned as a constructive, bipartisan problem solver and would eschew extreme rhetoric in favor of thoughtfully working together. We think she would be the kind of moderate Blue Dog Democrat who reflects the new 8th District, which takes in portions of western Cook, northern DuPage and eastern Kane counties.” [Daily Herald, 10/8/12]


Julia Brownley sees better education as the key to building the economy and job opportunities [Los Angeles Daily News]

“Brownley spoke to the editorial board and showed she would be prepared to do something that is important for any freshman House member: Emphasize one area of expertise. For Brownley, that area is education policy. The former school board member and Assembly Education Committee chairwoman sees better education as the key to building the economy and job opportunities. The Strickland campaign did not accept the editorial board's requests for an endorsement interview, which may indicate they know this will be a tough race in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic. We recommend a vote for Brownley and urge her to live up to her own assertion that the district needs common sense, not hyperpartisan, representation.” [Los Angeles Daily News, 10/7/12]


Elect Suzan DelBene [Herald Record]

“DelBene promotes a jobs agenda that emphasizes manufacturing, aerospace and high tech, simultaneously elevating the role of higher education as an economic driver. She also advocates investing more in basic research -- a policy that over the long term will benefit the Northwest's biotech and information-technology sectors. […]The Herald Editorial Board recommends Suzan DelBene for Congress.” [Herald Record, 10/7/12]


Dr. Ami Bera is best for the 7th District [The Sacramento Bee]

“Compared with Lungren, Bera also exudes more compassion for the plight of the middle class. He says he'd work to end tax policies and subsidies that have widened the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else. We also think Bera would be a better "listener" than Lungren.” [The Sacramento Bee, 9/30/12]


Garamendi Offers a Depth of Experience [The Sacramento Bee]

“Garamendi offers a depth of experience in and an understanding of domestic and international issues that is rare among relatively new members of Congress. He deserves another two-year term.” [The Sacramento Bee, 9/25/12]


Matheson in the 4th, A moderate Democrat in Congress [The Salt Lake Tribune]

“If, as many Utahans say, Washington is broken because too few politicians will steer a middle course between the extremes of the two parties, then Jim Matheson should be just the candidate that voters are looking for. That, in fact, is one reason why he has earned this newspaper’s endorsement.” [The Salt Lake Tribune, 9/15/12]