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May 06, 2008

Concrete Mogul and Political Insider Ozinga Calls Pay to Play an “Interesting Experience”

Sparking New Questions, Ozinga Needs to Release All Information about his” Inside Deals”


Last week, concrete mogul and consummate political insider Martin Ozinga III said that pay to play has, “been an interesting experience of ours.” [The South Town Star, 5/1/08]

“Concrete mogul Martin Ozinga III is the consummate political insider dogged by scandal, who has made a career of gaming the system, and engaging in the pay-to-play politics that Illinois' struggling middle class families have grown to resent,” said Midwest Regional Press Secretary Ryan Rudominer.


“In the midst of Senator Halvorson helping to lead the charge to end pay to play politics in Illinois and Ozinga’s bizarre admission that his own ‘pay to play experience’ has been ‘interesting,’  Marty Ozinga  should back up his claim that he’s ‘completely transparent’ by releasing all the information about his ‘inside deals,’ said Midwest Regional Press Secretary Ryan Rudominer.




  • Last week, State Senator Debbie Halvorson and her colleagues, weary of Illinois' national reputation for "pay-to-play" politics, reached a compromise to ban those who get or even seek major state contracts from making political donations. [The Chicago Tribune, 5/01/08]


  • "Our efforts with Metro Mix were always completely transparent, on top of the table, done in conjunction with many, many, many discussions of all the government agencies involved," Ozinga said from his new campaign office in Mokena. [The Chicago Tribune, 4/23/08]


  • Ozinga’s concrete firm Ozinga Bros. was the focus of a 2005 Chicago Tribune investigation that documented how his company created a sham business to exploit a City of Chicago affirmative-action program, made thousands in political contributions and won lucrative contracts." [The Chicago Tribune, 1/27/05]