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Jul 10, 2008

Does Representative Dave Reichert Agree With GOP Colleague that President Bush Should ‘Stay Home’

In a growing sign that President George Bush is a political albatross to House Republicans like Representative Dave Reichert this year, Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) recently said that the President Bush "should stay home from the Republican convention." Reichert has twice welcomed Bush to Washington State and said he "didn't care" if Bush's visits were "controversial."


"Does Congressman Dave Reichert agree with a fellow Republican Congressman who believes President Bush should stay away from the Republican convention? If not, will Reichert attend the convention along with Bush" asked Yoni Cohen, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Congressman Reichert already stands with Bush in opposition to tax relief for more than 103,000 taxpayers in Washington State's eighth congressional district, in support of privatizing Social Security and in support of staying the course in Iraq. Will Congressman Reichert also stand with President Bush at the Republican Convention?"




  • Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46) recently said: "I don't think there are a lot of people who want to see [President George Bush] at the convention." Rohrabacher went on to say that the President "should stay home from the Republican convention, and everybody would be better off." [New York Times, 7/05/08]


  • In August of 2007, President George Bush held a fundraiser for Representative Dave Reichert that helped raise $500,000 for Reichert and the state Republican Party. [Associated Press, 9/1/07]. In June of 2006, Bush held a fundraiser for Reichert and helped raise $800,000 for Reichert and state Republicans. [Associated Press, 7/18/06] Reichert said "I welcome President Bush and I welcome his support for my re-election campaign" and "I know it's controversial to have the president come to the northwest part of the United States... I don't care. He's the president." [National Journal's CongressDaily, 6/16/06].



  • In the FreedomWorks 2004 Candidate Survey, Reichert answered "Yes" to a question that asked if he agreed "that any plan to reform Social Security must... allow workers to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in Personal Retirement Accounts." In the AARP 2004 Candidate Survey, Reichert expressed support for Bush's plan to privatize Social Security: "I believe that as a matter of national policy we must at least be open to the possibility of allowing workers to privately invest their social security taxes, especially if this is the only way to fix Social Security's problems without raising taxes or cutting benefits." [FreedomWorks, 2004 Candidate Survey; AARP, 2004 Candidate Survey; New York Times, 3/01/02]


  • Reichert has repeatedly stood with Bush in support of staying the course Iraq. "He's stood behind the president on the war in Iraq." [Seattle Times, 6/30/08] "Reichert has sided with the administration on major war votes." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 8/27/07] "Reichert... acknowledges the flawed intelligence preceding the Iraqi invasion but supports Bush's approach of staying in Iraq until the country's military, police and economy are stabilized." [Seattle Times, 10/16/06]