Campaign 2010

Apr 05, 2010

Does Kevin McCarthy’s Hypocrisy Know No Bounds?

Just weeks after Congressman Kevin McCarthy was tagged as a hypocrite, McCarthy was back at it.


McCarthy appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to criticize the Republican National Committee over the recent revelation that it spent nearly $2,000 at a bondage-themed sex club in Los Angeles.  In the wake of the scandal, McCarthy called for “accountability” and hinted that some heads may need to roll. 


But McCarthy was forgetting something.  After all, McCarthy’s own boss, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions, held fundraisers at strip clubs and risqué hotspots in 2008 and 2009.


“Appearing on national television to discuss the RNC bondage club scandal, Kevin McCarthy argued for ‘accountability’ and said it’s time to ‘bring the trust back.’  That’s good advice for McCarthy, given the amount of off-the-charts hypocrisy he’s engaged in lately,” said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.




  • McCarthy appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and argued for more “accountability” at the RNC and suggested “shaking up some roles” may be in order. [Politico, 4/4/10]


  • Kevin McCarthy was criticized in a story noting his efforts to secure economic recovery funding because it would “quickly put people to work” despite his widely-noted opposition to the legislation. [Bakersfield Californian, 3/25/10]


  • Sessions held a fundraising event at a Las Vegas strip club for his leadership committee, joined by casino executives and payday lenders at Forty Deuce nightclub, located in the Mandalay Bay Resort. [NPR, 7/22/08]