Campaign 2010

Sep 08, 2010

District by District: House Republicans’ Bad Week

House Republicans faced tough news stories on everything from their being overly litigious…failing to pay back taxes…making racially insensitive remarks…facing ethics problems…and having arrest warrants.

Below is a sample of this week’s local coverage of the Republican’s flawed candidates and Members:

Republican Leader Boehner (OH-08) – Almost half of all Ohioans do not want Boehner to Speaker of the House.  

A Public Policy Polling poll released Friday showed that just 28 percent of Ohioans want the House minority leader, whose district includes the exurbs of Cincinnati, to ascend to the speakership should Republicans win the House. Forty-four percent of Buckeyes want ‘someone else,’ and 28 percent are ‘not sure.’” [Politico, 9/3/10]

Jim Renacci (OH-16) – Jim Renacci faces numerous lawsuits and has sued 10 people or corporations

Ohio Republican congressional candidate Jim Renacci has sued other people and corporations more than 10 times during his career in business - and he's faced at least 20 lawsuits himself, including one for the wrongful death of a patient in a nursing home he operated. The cases run the gamut from the minor - Renacci was ticketed for an "open container of Bud Light bottle upon the sidewalk" in 2003, but the case was dismissed after he demanded records documenting physical or mental examinations, records, and tapes made by officials - to the major: Renacci challenged a state order to pay nearly $1.4 million in back taxes. [Politico, 9/2/10]

Representative Jim Gerlach (PA-06) – Representative Jim Gerlach accused Manan Trivedi of using the “race card” to fundraise

Representative Jim Gerlach’s spokesman accused Indian-American Democratic candidate Manan Trivedi, ‘of playing ‘the race card’ by ‘going to Indian-American groups to raise money.’” [NY Times, 9/3/10]

David Rivera (FL-25) – David Rivera faces campaign-finance complaint

Republican candidate David Rivera is facing a campaign-finance complaint request which asks the Federal Election Commission to investigate, “whether the Republican congressional candidate violated campaign finance laws by ‘coordinating’ attacks on Democrat opponent Joe Garcia with a political committee intended to remain independent.” [Miami Herald, 9/3/10]

Kristi Noem (SD-AL) – Kristi Noem apologizes for 27 traffic citations

Republican candidate Kristi Noem finally apologized after it became public that she has 27 past traffic citations. “Along with speeding, Noem’s 27 citations include not wearing a seat belt, two instances of running a stop sign, expired license-plate tags and no driver’s license. She missed court appearance or payment dates seven times. And in two instances, the court issued a warrant to force payment.” [Rapid City Journal, 9/5/10]

Representative Joe Wilson (SC-02) – Joe Wilson faces ethics probe

Republican Representative Joe Wilson has come under investigation, again, by the Office of Congressional Ethics for his potential misuse of government per diem funds for travel expenses overseas. “Congressional staff sources with detailed knowledge of the probe said ethics investigators are examining Wilson’s foreign trips – at least 30 in the last eight years – and his use of per diem expense money while traveling abroad.” [The State, 9/04/10]

Tom Marino (PA-10) –Tom Marino yells at protester

Republican candidate Tom Marino was caught on camera yelling at a protester. In the video Marino yelled, “‘What do you do for a job? What do you do for a job? What kind of welfare are you on?” The off-camera man retorts, “What do you do for a job? What do you do?” Marino responded with, “I work for the people.’” [National Review Online, 8/31/10]

Jeff Landry (LA-03) - Candidate explains signature on search warrant

Republican candidate Jeff Landry has come under fire for his involvement in signing a search warrant that resulted in the discovery of “more than 100 grams of cocaine” that belonged to his roommate. [Daily Comet, 9/05/10]

Andrew Raczkowski (MI-09) – Republican candidate Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski fails to file his mandatory financial disclosure statement

Andrew Raczkowski claims that he has submitted his mandatory financial disclosure statement twice, but is unable to explain why the Clerk of the House does not have the statement on file. Andrew Raczowski is required to report his finances within 30 days of reaching $5,000 in campaign fundraising. His deadline was in July 2009. [The Oakland Press, 9/6/10]

Tom Marino (PA-10) - "Tom Marino Should Stop Hiding"

Democratic candidate Chris Carney asked Tom Marino to produce the letter of permission from the Department of Justice to serve as a reference for a casino license for an admitted criminal. Carney campaign spokesman Josh Drobnyk issued a statement saying, “Where is the letter? The people of northeastern Pennsylvania deserve a straight answer on this and, instead, all they are getting is the run-around from Tom Marino. Tom Marino should stop hiding. Families deserve to know the truth.” [WILK 103.1 FM, 9/1/10]

Bill Flores (TX-17) – Republican candidate Bill Flores suggests the Department of Energy should be eliminated

Representative Chet Edwards dinged Republican challenger Bill Flores today for suggesting earlier this year that the Department of Energy be eliminated. Representative Edwards said the proposal would negatively impact research projects at Texas A&M and jobs for the expansion of the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. The Department of Energy also plays an important role in protecting against nuclear terrorism and working for energy independence, he said. [Dallas Morning News, 9/1/10]

Stephen Fincher (TN-08) – Questions remain about Stephen Fincher’s loan to his own campaign

The Jackson Sun reports that a spokesman for Roy Herron's 8th District congressional campaign continued to raise questions on Tuesday about his opponent's finances, asking what collateral was used for the $250,000 bank loan Stephen Fincher took out in order to loan money to his campaign in the final days of the heated primary race. [The Jackson Sun, 9/1/10]

Francisco Canseco (TX-23), Andy Barr (KY-06), and Martha Roby (AL-2) – All three Republican candidates endorse Representative Paul Ryan’s budget.

While many House Republicans in leadership positions have shied away from embracing Representative Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) controversial budget proposal, Francisco Canseco, Andy Barr, and Martha Roby all endorsed the budget proposal, which includes a provision to privatize social security.  [Huffington Post, 8/30/10]

Rick Berg (ND-AL) – Republican candidate Rick Berg backed letting banks share your information without permission and expanded corporate farming

A fact check of campaign ads released by Democratic Representative Earl Pomeroy shows that Republican candidate Rick Berg backed, “SB2191, which abolished a provision in state law that required banks and credit unions to get a customer’s written permission before the customer’s private financial information could be sold or shared with outside companies” and “During the 2003 Legislature, Berg voted for legislation to remove the requirement that family farm corporate shareholders be related.”  [The Forum of Fargo-Moorehead, 9/1/10]

Allen West (FL-22) - Democrat Representative Klein releases another TV ad blasting GOP challenger West

Republican candidate Allen West has a long history of refusing to pay taxes, including an $11,081 tax lien filed against West in 2005, a 2006 default judgment ordering West to pay $5,541 to American Express, and five liens totaling $3,232 for homeowner association maintenance fees. [Palm Beach Post, 9/06/10]

Michael Grimm (NY-13) - Michael Grimm’s Military History Comes Under Fire In NY-13

Michael Grimm’s service record is under attack because of campaign photos displaying ribbons Grimm may not have earned.  Grimm is being called on to come clean instead of continuing to dishonestly misrepresent his record to voters. [NY Daily News, 9/02/10]