Campaign 2010

Jul 31, 2014

Differing Stories Show Washington Insider David Young Was Using a Loophole To Get Paid

Even as Washington Insider David Young denied that he abused a loophole to enrich himself, he was contradicted by none other than Senator Chuck Grassley.

Young now faces even more scrutiny in the wake of Senator Grassley’s explanation – that his compensation structure was designed to go around the cap on outside income for Senate staff. Even ethics experts quoted by the Associated Press described Young’s activity as appearing to skirt the limits on outside income.

Des Moines Register Today: Young Split the Money to Get Around the Rules: “Grassley himself, however, told reporters on a conference call Wednesday that the payments were split up to abide by the annual income limitation. ‘There’s a certain amount of money that a person of his stature and position in office can make in one year,’ Grassley said. ‘That’s why it was made in two different years.’”

AP: Reported that Young Did the Work Over Two Years. “While congressional staffers work on campaigns routinely, Democrats and outside watchdogs say Young's arrangement in 2010 was unusual in two respects. First, he did not take a leave of absence from his $169,000 job as Grassley's chief of staff. That means he would have had to raise all the money on his own time, such as nights and weekends, to avoid violating rules that prohibit campaign work on Senate time. Young's campaign says he did just that. Second, payments from Grassley's campaign of $26,550 and $24,592 to Young came two weeks apart after Grassley's re-election. But they straddled separate calendar years, which allowed Young to stay just under the $26,955 limit in outside annual income that's allowed for high-ranking Senate staff members. Young's campaign says his work spanned two years, and that's why he was paid that way.”

From Brandon Lorenz, DCCC: “It’s clear that Washington insider David Young is trying to run away from his 20-year record of working in Washington, taking pay raises, using loopholes to enrich himself, and flying around the world while lobbyists and special interests picked up the tab. With his campaign to raise the retirement age and privatize Social Security, it’s clear that David Young can’t be trusted to stand up for middle class Iowans, but he can be counted on to enrich himself.”