Campaign 2010

Oct 11, 2012

Desperate Washington Republicans Race to Help Failing Doherty Campaign

With Republican candidate Brendan Doherty and his potential to add another vote in Congress for the extreme Tea Party agenda fading in the polls, Washington Republicans are getting desperate.  Today’s flailing attempt to spread wild accusations is a desperate move to try to change the subject from the sharp contrast between Doherty’s support of the national Republican agenda and David Cicilline’s pro-middle class record. 


“National Republicans see Brendan Doherty’s failed candidacy slipping away and are resorting to desperate attacks to hide the fact that Rhode Island voters are rejecting Doherty and the Washington Republican agenda,” said Josh Schwerin, Northeast Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Poll after poll shows that if this race is about the issues, Brendan Doherty loses badly. It’s time for Washington Republicans to give up hope that Brendan Doherty will get his wish to go to Washington to help Paul Ryan. ”




Doherty: I Applaud and Support Ryan. When asked about Rep. Paul Ryan’s Republican budget plan at a Tea Party gathering in May 2011, Doherty said, “I had a great opportunity to meet with Paul Ryan about a month ago and that’s his position and he’s digging his feet in and I applaud him for that and I support him.” [YouTube footage, 8/01/12see also: RIDP press release, 8/01/12]