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Apr 11, 2014

Democrats Blast Republican Budget for Assault on Middle Class

Democrats nationwide are blasting Republican incumbents and challengers for passing a budget that provides tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy on the backs of middle class families, seniors and students. While vulnerable Republicans scramble to justify their budget that sells out the middle class in favor of stacking the deck for their special-interest backers, Democrats are standing behind the middle class - demonstrating their commitment to creating jobs and the economic well-being of all Americans – not just millionaires and billionaires.

See what Democrats have to say about the destructive Republican budget:

KDVR, (CO-06): In backing GOP budget, Gardner, Coffman vote to end anti-terrorism grants for Denver

Blog for Arizona, (AZ-02): Southern Arizonans Rally in Opposition to devastating McSally-Ryan Budget

Press-Enterprise, (CA-31; CA-36): CONGRESS: Democrats use Ryan budget in Inland campaigns

CBS Local News, (CA-36): Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz Opposed the House-passed Ryan budget saying it would hurt seniors

KDVR, (CO-06): Democrats blast Gardner, Coffman for yes votes on Ryan budget

Hartford Courant, (CT-05): Esty, Greenberg Tangle Over Ryan Budget

StPetersBlog, (FL-02): Gwen Graham’s latest “Work Day” puts her on patrol with Gretna Police Department

Des Moines Register, (IA-03): GOP says tug-of-war affecting turnout for Paul Ryan

WMUR, (NH): Watching Washington: Politics behind budget vote

Minnesota Public Radio, (MN): Budget or bludgeon? GOP, Democrats seek political leverage from Ryan budget

KRWG NEWS, (NM-02): Pearce Vote On Ryan Budget Sparks Battle In The 2014 Race For Congress

Albuquerque Business Journal, (NM-02): Albuquerque Business: Ryan budget plan panned and praised

Time Warner Cable News, (NY-23): Robertson reacts to 'Ryan Bill'

WETM NBC, (NY-23): Robertson Hits Rep. Reed Over Budget Vote

Time Warner Cable News, (NY): 'Ryan Budget' Passes House, but Won't Go Anywhere in Senate

Time Warner Cable News, (NY-24): Syracuse Democrats protest 'Ryan Budget'

Auburn Citizen, (NY-24): Rep. Dan Maffei on Ryan budget: 'More of the same recklessness and extreme partisanship' from House GOP

Democrat and Chronicle, (NY): Ryan’s budget is another waste of time

The News-Herald, (OH-14): Wager calls for Joyce to reject Republican federal budget proposal

Twinsburg Bulletin, (OH-14): Congressional Hopeful Michael Wager Appears At Twinsburg Office To Oppose David Joyce, 'Reckless' Budget

Philadelphia Inquirer, (PA): GOP budget divides Republicans from this region

New York Times: House-Passed Budget Shows Parties’ Divergence

Reuters: Democrats relish chance to attack Republicans over austere budget

The Hill: Dems hone '14 plan to attack Ryan budget

The Hill: Dems seize political opportunity in Ryan vote

Yahoo: Ryan budget offers Democrats a life raft for midterm messaging

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