Campaign 2010

Oct 05, 2012

Democratic Momentum Grows, Races Moving Our Way

As recently as last week, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions continued his claim that Republicans were going to pick up seats in the House and expand the majority. It turns out Democrats have the momentum in the closing month of the campaign and the Romney-Ryan ticket is officially dragging down House Republicans.

  • TODAY: Both The Rothenberg Report and the Cook Political Report upgraded Democrats prospects in the House to project as many as 10 seat Democratic gain.
  • Earlier this week, the new NBC/WSJ generic ballot showed Democrats ahead by 4 points (47-43%).

Control of the House remains in play and the Republican Majority is in jeopardy. Check out some of this week’s race rating changes for yourself.

Rothenberg Political Report [10/5/12]

CA-36 (Ruiz vs Bono Mack): Republican Favored -> Lean Republican

CA-47 (Lowenthal vs DeLong): Lean Democrat -> Democrat Favored 

FL-10 (Demings vs Webster): Favored Republican -> Lean Republican

FL-22 (Frankel vs Hasner): Lean Democrat -> Democrat Favored

IL-12 (Enyart vs Plummer): Tossup/Tilt Republican -> Toss-up

MI-01: (McDowell vs Benishek): Toss-up -> Toss-up/Tilt Democrat

NY-21 (Owens vs Doheny): Toss-up -> Toss-up/Tilt Democrat

Cook Political Report [10/4/12]

CA-10 (Hernandez vs Denham): Lean Republican ->Toss Up

FL-10 (Demings vs Webster): Likely Republican -> Lean Republican

FL-22 (Frankel vs Hasner): Lean Democrat -> Likely Democrat

FL-26 (Garcia vs Rivera): Toss Up -> Lean Democrat

IL-13 (Gill vs Davis) Lean Republican -> Toss Up 

MN-06 (Graves vs Bachmann): Likely Republican -> Lean Republican

Roll Call [10/4/12]

CA-10 (Hernandez vs Denham): Leans Republican -> Tossup

CA-36 (Ruiz vs Bono Mack): Likely Republican -> Leans Republican

CA-47 (Lowenthal vs DeLong): Leans Democratic -> Likely Democratic

FL-16 (Fitzgerald vs Buchanan): Leans Republican -> Likely Republican

FL-22 (Frankel vs Hasner): Leans Democratic -> Likely Democratic 

FL-26 (Garcia vs Rivera): Tossup -> Leans Democratic

ME-02 (Michaud vs Raye): Likely Democratic -> Safe Democratic

NH-01 (Shea Porter vs Guinta): Leans Republican -> Tossup

NY-21 (Owens vs Doheny): Tossup -> Leans Democratic

NY-24 (Buerkle vs Maffei): Tossup -> Leans Democratic

NY-25 (Slaughter vs Brooks): Leans Democratic -> Likely Democratic

RI-01 (Cicilline vs Doherty): Tossup -> Leans Democratic

WA-06 (Kilmer vs Driscoll): Likely Democratic -> Safe Democratic 

Center for Politics Crystal Ball [10/4/12]

CA-16 (Costa vs Whelan): Likely Democratic -> Safe Democratic 

FL-18 (Murphy vs West): Lean Republican -> Toss-up