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Apr 10, 2014

Democratic Candidates Light Up Republicans Over Budget Passage

Democratic candidates across the country are lighting up their Republican opponents for passing a budget that devastates middle class families, seniors and students – all while stacking the deck for the wealthiest. Democratic candidates running against vulnerable Republicans are taking a stand for the middle class – while their opponents continue to sell out people who have to work for a living to help special interests.

See what Democrats have to say about the destructive Republican budget:

Amanda Renteria, (CA-21): “David Valadao’s vote on the Republican budget shows that he is out of touch with the Central Valley. This budget hurts education, it does not address immigration reform, and it harms our seniors.”

Gwen Graham, (FL-02): “Police officers don’t serve in North Florida for the money or to wear a uniform, they do so because they believe in public service,” Graham said. “While they risk their lives every day serving our communities, Congressman Steve Southerland is safe in the Capitol, where he’s obviously forgotten whom he serves. Today, Southerland turned his back on the very police officers who protect our families.”

Staci Appel, (IA-03): “Iowa’s middle class families deserve to know where my Republican opponents stand on today’s passage of the Ryan Budget. The Ryan Budget stacks the deck for special interests and big corporations who ship our jobs overseas, while breaking the promise of Medicare to our seniors, increasing the cost of college loans to students and raising taxes on middle class Iowans.”

Ann Callis, (IL-13): “This budget ends the Medicare guarantee, cuts Pell Grants, and keeps incentives for companies to ship jobs overseas. Instead of playing political games, I will go to Congress and bring people together to get results like raising the minimum wage, renewing long-term unemployment benefits and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.”

Joe Bock, (IN-02): “Congresswoman Walorski has done irreparable damage to Hoosier seniors and the middle class today. She voted to raise Medicare costs and cut taxes for millionaires”

Kelly Kultala, (KS-03): “Kansans want Washington to focus on helping businesses create jobs, but this latest budget is a slap in the face that would reward those who ship jobs overseas, jeopardize Medicare for seniors, and hurt middle class families while wasting our  tax dollars on handouts to the special interests and the ultra-wealthy”

Elisabeth Jensen, (KY-06): “It should surprise no one that today Andy Barr once again supported a reckless budget that throws middle income American’s and Seniors under the bus. Andy Barr’s budget is a slap in the face that would actually would end the Medicare guarantee, turn it into a voucher program, reopen the prescription drug donut hole and make seniors pay more for health care – while lining the pockets of their special interest donors. Kentuckians deserve someone who will fight for their jobs, cut spending the right way and reduce our deficit – but not on the backs of seniors and the middle class”

Emily Cain, (ME-02): "It's time for Republicans in Congress to stop selling out the middle class," said Cain. "This proposal would be laughable if it were not reality. It's another example of polarizing politics in Washington, without focusing on the senior citizens and working families who are struggling to make ends meet. There are solutions to the federal budget problems, but taking money and services away from the people who need it the most while ensuring the rich get richer is not the way to solve anything."

Jerry Cannon Campaign, (MI-01): “Today Congressman Benishek showed that he cares more about the special interests and the wealthy than Northern Michigan by voting for a budget that would end the guarantee of Medicare and raise costs for our seniors,” said Ted Dick. “It’s shameful that Congressman Benishek voted today to raise taxes on the middle class while cutting taxes for millionaires like himself.”

Pam Byrnes, (MI-07): “Congressman Walberg has again sold out Michigan’s middle class families by voting for a budget that would end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit and raise taxes on the middle class in order to pay for more tax breaks for big corporations and the ultra wealthy”

Bill Hughes, (NJ-02): “With some of the nation’s highest unemployment, we need to start talking about strengthening our regional economy and creating jobs. Instead of delivering on his faded promise to bring high-paying jobs through the NexGen program, Congressman LoBiondo’s House Republican budget attacks our most vulnerable; our seniors, students, and working and middle class families.”

Aimee Belgard, (NJ-03): “Congress outlined their priorities for the future of our country today. They propose raising taxes on middle-class families, turning Medicare into a voucher program and raising seniors' out of pocket prescription drug costs, all while preserving tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas. Enough is enough.”

Rocky Lara, (NM-02): “At every juncture Congressman Pearce’s budget protects special interests while imposing harsh costs and increased tax burdens on southern New Mexico's middle class families and seniors,” said Rocky Lara. “Congressman Pearce’s vote shows that he, like this budget, represents all the wrong priorities for southern New Mexico."

Sean Eldridge, (NY-19): “In 2011, Chris Gibson stood in the halls of Congress and voted for the Ryan Budget that would gut Medicare and force a tax hike on the middle class. Now, in an Election Year, he’s changed his tune, claiming to advocate for the same working families whose interests he voted against in the past, and he continues to support the Cooper-LaTourette budget that would harm families in our region”

Erin Bilbray, (NV-03): “Joe Heck’s budget gives breaks to out of state multi-millionaires and corporations while increasing taxes on Nevada’s middle class. Seniors will see their Medicare costs go up and the average middle class families will see their taxes increase by $2,000 every year. Joe Heck’s values are out of sync with southern Nevada.”

Michael Wager, (OH-14): “Joyce’s budget will voucherize Medicare and re-open the part D doughnut hole, costing Ohio’s seniors an average of $1,200 more per year in prescription drug costs”

Suzanne Patrick, (VA-02): “I am saddened to see that the House today passed a budget that hurts middle class families in order to provide tax breaks for the wealthy.  Congressman Rigell sided with the extreme Tea Party leadership in the House to pass a budget that would end Medicare as we know it, kill job growth, and raise taxes by $2,000 for the average middle class family.  This is a matter of priorities, and Congressman Rigell and his Tea Party friends chose special interests over hard-working Hampton Roads families.”