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Oct 02, 2013

DeMaio and Jorgensen Refuse to Distance Themselves from Washington Republicans’ Shutdown

Two days into the reckless government shutdown, Carl DeMaio still won’t answer a simple question for San Diegans: would he have voted with his Washington Republican backers to shut down the government? At the same time, veteran Kirk Jorgensen is staying silent, even as the shutdown has furloughed thousands of his former colleagues in San Diego’s defense community.

“Carl DeMaio refuses to answer a simple question: does he stand with his Washington backers who engineered this reckless shutdown?” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “San Diegans shouldn’t have to wait for Washington insiders to conduct another poll to get Carl DeMaio’s answer. And Kirk Jorgensen owes it to furloughed San Diegans to say whether he will stand with Washington Republicans and their shutdown plan.”


LA Times: “The GOP’s Shutdown Sham.”  “Unlike the GOP's previous flirtations with a government shutdown, this fight isn't being waged in the name of lower deficits and debt. It's just a desperate attempt to score political points against the Affordable Care Act before it goes fully into effect and the benefits become clearer. As House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) said over the weekend, "It's unfortunate that yet again we are in this situation facing another shutdown showdown with no solution to our many fiscal problems in sight." He can thank his colleagues in the House GOP for that.” [LA Times, 10/01/13]

Monterey County Herald: “Small GOP Group Cause of the Problem.” “A gaggle of Republicans trying to curry favor with insatiable tea partiers, many of whom are the beneficiaries of nationalized pensions and health care, is taking money away from hard-working government employees at places like the Naval Postgraduate School and the Defense Language Institute. Locally, they are shutting down classes for thousands of military men and women committed to protecting this country.” [Monterey Herald, 10/01/13]

Sacramento Bee: “House GOP Owns the Consequences of Reckless Government Shutdown.” “They can spin it all they want, but House Republicans manufactured the crisis that now threatens to shut down the federal government and wreak havoc on world finances. Unless they budge, they will go down in history as hostage takers willing to tank the economy if their demands are not met.” [Sacramento Bee, 10/01/13]