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Apr 04, 2006

DCCC Statement on the Resignation of Tom DeLay

DCCC Press

Apr 4, 2006

DCCC Statement on the Resignation of Tom DeLay

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released the following statement today on the resignation of Tom DeLay:

"Tom DeLay may be gone, but the delay in real reform continues. The refusal of the brand new majority leader of the House Republicans to pass comprehensive ethics and lobbying reform, the power of the special interests, the control the powerful lobbyists continue to hold, tells the American people everything they need to know about Tom DeLay's departure -- that DeLay may be gone, but nothing has changed," said Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "National Republicans want you to believe they have turned the page, but the Republican culture of putting the special interests first does not revolve around just one man. The drug companies, the insurance industry, and the oil and energy companies still hold sway over the Republican Congress and write the legislation that affects the lives of the American people, and that is why the American people are so desperate for a change from the old ideas and status quo of the Republican Congress."

Facts about Nick Lampson and his campaign for change:

Lampson has the resources to take on whomever the GOP nominates:

  • Over $2 million raised – outraising Tom DeLay

    The 22nd District is ready for a change:

  • Even Tom DeLay’s own polling shows Texas ready for a change. The Time Magazine story that broke the news of DeLay’s resignation says, “Putting the best face on the poll taken by his campaign, DeLay said it gave him ‘a little bit better than a 50/50 chance of winning reelection.’ Asked if that didn't mean that he could lose, he replied, ‘Could have. There's no reason to risk a seat.’” [Time, 4/4/06]
  • A January poll showed DeLay at 22%. A poll conducted by the Houston Chronicle in January, DeLay’s hometown newspaper, shows that he had only 22% support for re-election. Democratic candidate Nick Lampson led DeLay with 30%. [Houston Chronicle, 1/06]

    That Was Then…This is Now:

    Then (After Deciding Not to Run for Leader):

    Tom DeLay: “I plan to run a very vigorous campaign and I plan to win it.” [AP, 1/9/06]


    Tom DeLay: “I'm going to announce tomorrow that I'm not running for reelection and that I'm going to leave Congress.” [Time, 4/3/06]

    Then (After Being Indicted by a Texas Grand Jury):

    Interim Republican Leader Roy Blnut: “We all believe that he'll return, once this indictment is out of the way, to be the leader again.” [CNN, 9/29/05]


    Tom DeLay: “I'm a realist. I've been around awhile. I can evaluate political situations.” [Time, 4/3/06]