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Feb 08, 2006

Republican Catch And Release - DeLay Given Top Committee Slot

DCCC Press

Feb 8, 2006

Republican Catch And Release – DeLay Given Top Committee Slot

Top Republicans Give DeLay a Seat on Powerful Committee in Charge of Disbursing Money Only Months After Money Laundering Indictment

133 Days Since DeLay was Indicted for Money Laundering.

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Republicans in Congress voted to give Tom DeLay a seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee in the Science, State, Justice and Homeland Security Subcommittees. This announcement comes just over four months after the former majority leader was indicted for money laundering and conspiring to break Texas election laws. The Appropriations Committee is the top committee in Congress in charge of disbursing money.

Tom DeLay on the Appropriations Committee means that convicted super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s best friend and someone who was indicted for money laundering will be in charge of spending billions of taxpayer dollars.

“Allowing Tom DeLay to sit on a committee in charge of giving out money is like putting Michael Brown back in charge of FEMA – Republicans in Congress just can’t seem to resist standing by their man,” said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The latest example of Republican ‘catch-and-release’ will not only allow DeLay to raise money for his legal defense, but sends a message that Republicans were never serious about reform. This is more of the same from the Republican Congress that caters to the special interests and circles the wagons before representing American families.”

Tom DeLay Indicted, Steps Down as Majority Leader. In September of 2005, former Republican leader Tom DeLay, was indicted on money laundering charges and subsequently had to step down from his leadership position. Previously, the House Ethics Committee, when they were taking cases, admonished DeLay three times – the most for one member of Congress.