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Oct 10, 2012

DCCC’s Second Ad Reveals Andrew Roraback’s Plan to Change Social Security

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released its second Independent Expenditure TV ad in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District highlighting Republican Andrew Roraback’s plan to increase the Social Security retirement age and cut benefits for seniors. Tea Party Republicans are committed to do anything they can to bring Roraback to Washington to be a vote for their plan to end Medicare and force Connecticut seniors to pay $6,400 more every year to fund tax breaks for millionaires. The DCCC IE’s second TV ad, “Pyramid,” starts running today.


Script of  DCCC IE Ad “Pyramid” CT-05

Voiceover: Most of us plan for Social Security to be a part of retirement...

So why does Andrew Roraback support increasing the retirement age … and cutting benefits?

Maybe that’s why Roraback earned the support of Tea Party Republicans.

Their budget ends Medicare’s guaranteed benefit.

And forces seniors to pay sixty-four hundred more every year…

…to fund tax breaks for millionaires.

Roraback and friends: changing the way we retire … for the worse.

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”