Campaign 2010

Oct 10, 2012

DCCC’s Fourth TV Ad Shows Congressman Duffy Is Only “Worried” About Himself

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure released its fourth ad showing how Congressman Sean Duffy is out for himself. Congressman Duffy voted for a radical budget that forces middle class families to pay more than a thousand dollars in new taxes, and to give millionaires a new tax break. Congressman Duffy claimed that he struggles on his Congressional salary, and his record in Washington shows he’s only worried about himself.


Script of DCCC IE AD “Worried”

Voiceover: Congressman Duffy’s not very worried about these folks.

Duffy voted for a radical budget that shifts the tax burden onto the middle class – paying over a thousand more a year. 

Duffy’s much more worried about these guys – millionaires – giving them a tax break – over two hundred thousand a year.


Sean Duffy:   “I’ve got one paycheck so I struggle to meet my bills.”

Voiceover:      Duffy’s worried about himself. 

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