Campaign 2010

Oct 08, 2012

DCCC’s Fourth Ad Reveals How Plummer Pledged to Give Tax Breaks to Outsourcers and Himself

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure released its fourth TV ad exposing Jason Plummer for pledging to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and ensure that he and other millionaires get more tax breaks as well. The DCCC’s TV ad, “Never” asks voters to consider, Jason Plummer has never had to work for anything, so why would he work for Illinois middle class families.



Script of DCCC IE AD “Never”

Voiceover: You don’t create jobs in Illinois by helping send jobs overseas.

But Jason Plummer signed a pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs

Plummer supports a plan to eliminate corporate taxes….

…and give another tax cut to millionaires like himself.

All while making the middle-class pay even more.

Jason Plummer’s never had to work for anything. What makes you think he’d work for you?

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