Campaign 2010

Oct 16, 2012

DCCC’s Fifth TV Ad Reminds Congressman Bobby Schilling He “Works” for Illinois

The DCCC’s Independent Expenditure released its fifth TV ad holding Congressman Bobby Schilling accountable for voting to put Illinois’ seniors retirement in jeopardy. The DCCC’s TV ad “work” shows how Congressman Schilling voted to end the Medicare guarantee just to give new tax breaks for millionaires. A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that Medicare premiums would rise 59 percent under a plan similar to the one Congressman Schilling voted for twice.


Script of DCCC IE AD “Work”:

Voiceover:      We work a lifetime for these moments…

We save...and plan so there’s peace of mind in retirement.

But some in Washington like Bobby Schilling would end that security... end the guarantee of Medicare...

Schilling would hand decisions about our health care to insurance companies...

To give more tax breaks to millionaires.

Bobby Schilling needs to remember: he works for us.

And we work our whole lives…for this.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.