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Oct 25, 2012

DCCC TV Ad Criticizing Guinta for Cutting Taxes for Millionaires While Raising Taxes on the Middle C

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched its third Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad in NH-01, criticizing Congressman Frank Guinta for voting to give millionaires another huge tax cut and paying for it by raising taxes on middle class families.  Congressman Guinta’s extreme Tea Party agenda is out of step with New Hampshire voters and bad for the middle class. The DCCC ad began running today.  

“Big Ideas”

Script of DCCC IE AD “Big Ideas”:

Voiceover: It’s Frank Guinta’s Big Idea!

Give people making a million, ten million or twenty million dollars another huge tax cut.

How’s Frank Guinta pay for it?

Frank Guinta voted to make folks with regular jobs – like a truck driver, paralegal, or a nurse … pay a thousand dollars more in taxes.

So if you’re one of these guys … you’ll love Frank

Guinta’s big idea.

But if you’re not … watch out!

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.