Campaign 2010

May 14, 2010

DCCC Statement on Tim Burns’ Support of the Fair Tax & Shipping Jobs Overseas

"Tim Burns is right about one thing – the facts are the facts. The fact is Tim Burns said in 2009 that he supported the Fair Tax and is now lying about it to try to get elected," said Jennifer Crider, spokeswoman for the DCCC.  "As if the Fair Tax wasn’t bad enough, Tim Burns’ company took a corporate tax break to ship jobs overseas. Tim Burns support of the Fair Tax and shipping jobs overseas is an economic one-two punch hardworking Pennsylvanians simply cannot afford."


• In 2009, Tim Burns said he supported the Fair Tax: “I would love to ultimately see the Fair Tax implemented. I’m not at this point ready to say that I am an advocate for the Fair Tax right out of the gate. Ultimately I would love to see to the Fair Tax implemented in the United States. I’m just not sure we can go from where we are today to the Fair Tax… I just don’t know that that’s practical. But I would love to see us get there.” [, 5/14/09]

• The conservative organization, Fair Tax Political Action, said: “Tim Burns has pledged to never increase taxes and Burns supports the Fair Tax.” [Fair Tax Political Action ad, 05/12/10]

• confirmed that the Fair Tax would be placed on top of existing taxes. According to, the list would include:

o Purchases of new homes

o Rent

o Interest on credit cards, mortgages and car loans

o Doctor bills

o Utilities

o Gasoline [, “Unspinning the Fair Tax,” 5/31/07]

• Tim Burns’ Company Shipped American Jobs Overseas. Tim Burns sold his company to get rich despite the fact that he knew it would lead to job loss. 58 jobs were lost as a result of the sale. [Pittsburgh Business Times, 5/31/02; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/22/10] Tim Burns' company was taking advantage of a loophole that gave them a tax break for shipping American jobs overseas. [The Hill, 4/12/10]