Campaign 2010

Oct 20, 2010

DCCC Statement on John McCain’s Response to the Complaint About the Illegal Ads He is Running in AZ

DCCC Statement on John McCain’s Response to the Complaint About the Illegal Ads He is Running in AZ-07 & AZ-08

The DCCC released the following statement today in response to Senator McCain’s misguided response to the DCCC’s Federal Election Commission complain against him. 

Earlier today, the DCCC filed a complaint with the FEC over two illegal television advertisements sponsored by Senator John McCain on behalf of two Republican Congressional candidates in Arizona.  The advertisements, approved by Senator John McCain and paid for by Friends of John McCain, break the campaign finance reform law that bears the senator’s name. 

DCCC spokesperson Jennifer Crider said, “The fact that Jesse Kelly, Ruth McClung and John McCain have coordinated campaign efforts is indisputable.  By Jesse Kelly and Ruth McClung’s own accounts, they have met with Senator John McCain, they all shared the stage at a unity rally in August, and they are all coordinating with the Arizona Republican party.   If that were not proof enough McCain is illegally coordinating with Kelly and McClung, Senator McCain is the special guest at a fundraiser for Jesse Kelly on Thursday.  Just because Senator McCain wrote the McCain-Feingold law doesn’t mean he gets to break it for Jesse Kelly and Ruth McClung.”


  • Tomorrow night, McCain is scheduled to appear as a “special guest” at a Jesse Kelly fundraiser in Tucson. [Kelly For Congress Fundraiser, accessed 10/20/10]
  • Tomorrow, Kelly will attend a meet and greet with McCain at the Green Valley West Social Center in Tucson. [Kelly For Congress Event, accessed 10/20/10]
  • On October 9, Kelly hosted a breakfast event with McCain. [Kelly For Congress Event, 10/09/10]
  • On October 7, McClung attended a meet and greet with McCain in Yuma. [McClung For Congress Event, 10/07/10]
  • On August 27, McCain appeared at a Republican unity rally with Jesse Kelly and Ruth McClung. [GOP Unity Rally, 8/27/10]
  • In March, Kelly told the Tucson Weekly that he met with McCain while campaigning in Washington, D.C. [Tucson Weekly, 3/06/10]