Campaign 2010

Jul 11, 2014

DCCC Statement on FL-26

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following statement today on Florida’s 26th Congressional District:

From DCCC spokesman David Bergstein‎:

“David Rivera would have been a horrendous nominee for Republicans in Florida’s 26th Congressional District, but self-interested lobbyist Carlos Curbelo isn’t any better. Curbelo is already under fire for funneling millions of tax dollars to his corporate campaign contributors – when that money was meant for our students, our teachers and our schools. When it comes to the issues, Curbelo is siding with the dysfunctional Republican Congress over South Florida’s values: supporting the Republican budget that jeopardizes Medicare for seniors and even stating that he was ‘very satisfied’ with Speaker John Boehner’s efforts to kill immigration reform. Curbelo is always putting himself and his partisan politics first – which is exactly why South Floridians can’t trust him in Washington.”


Miami New Times Headline: “GOP Frontrunner Carlos Curbelo Has a History of Approving Contracts For Campaign Donors.” “Between 2010 and 2013 Curbelo, while representing District 7 on the board, voted roughly a dozen times to award school board contracts to companies that had donated a total of $25,450 to his well-funded 2010 school board campaign.”  [Miami New Times, 6/12/14]

Curbelo Said He Was “Very Satisfied” With Speaker Boehner’s Immigration Reform Efforts. [Sunshine State News, 2/06/14]‎

Curbelo: Immigration “Not a Core Issue” for Florida Hispanics.  “No one can say that someone’s position on immigration will cost them the Hispanic vote in Florida. Immigration is not a core issue for Florida Hispanics,” Curbelo said. [Miami Herald, 11/08/10]

Curbelo: “Some Truth” to Client Fred Thompson’s Anti-Hispanic Rhetoric and Policies. Curbelo served as the Hispanic issues advisor to Fred Thompson’s Presidential campaign, which was marked by virulently anti-Hispanic policies and rhetoric – including the suggestion that immigrants were “suicidal maniacs.” Curbelo said there was “some truth” to Thompson’s suggestions. [The Hill, 7/11/2013]

Curbelo Supported Republican Budget Would Turn Medicare into a Voucher Program. In 2014, Curbelo said of the FY2015 Republican budget plan: “While I have not fully reviewed this budget I'm inclined to support it.” [Miami Herald, 4/03/14]