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Feb 05, 2008

DCCC Statement on Black History Month

DCCC Press

Feb 5, 2008

DCCC Statement on Black History Month

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen's Statement on Black History Month:

“Throughout February, Americans will celebrate Black History Month. In doing so, we celebrate the rich diversity of our nation and the enormous contributions that African Americans have made in building a safer, stronger, and more prosperous America. Celebrating black history means celebrating America’s history. African Americans have strengthened our country in ways ranging from forging breakthroughs in science and technology to inspiring an entire generation to take up the torch for freedom’s cause.

"Today, exceptional leaders such as our Majority Whip, Congressman James Clyburn, Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chair Carolyn Kilpatrick, and the 42 CBC Members are at the forefront of the fight to lead America in a New Direction and ensure that every American has a voice in Congress. The impact these pioneers, as well as so many other brave Americans, have made in enriching our nation can never truly be measured nor ever fully appreciated. One of the best ways we can honor Black History Month is by renewing our commitment to providing economic opportunities and social justice for all Americans.”