Campaign 2010

Oct 27, 2012

DCCC Releases TV Ad Targeting Keith Rothfus for Praising Plan to End Medicare

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched an Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad targeting Keith Rothfus (PA-12) for praising a plan to end the Medicare guarantee and force seniors to pay $6,400 more per year to fund tax breaks for millionaires. The DCCC ad began running today.

We Earned It

Script of DCCC IE AD “We Earned It”:

Person on the Street 1:          We earned this. It isn’t a gift.

Person on the Street 2:          We worked for it. We paid into it.  It's in your paycheck stub every time you get one.

Voiceover:                              Keith Rothfus praised a plan that would end our Medicare guarantee...costing seniors an extra sixty-four hundred dollars more a year…

Person on the Street 2:          If you're taking $6,400 out of my pocket, you might as well call it a tax increase.

Voiceover:                              ...To fund tax breaks for millionaires like himself.

Person on the Street 3:          Am I supposed to get a second job so guys like you can get richer?

Person on the Street 4:          Keith Rothfus doesn’t have a clue.

Person on the Street 5:          His priorities, as far as I'm concerned, is his own back pocket.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.