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Oct 04, 2012

DCCC Releases Ad Criticizing Congresswoman Buerkle for Joining Romney and Ryan to End Medicare

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched its fourth Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad in NY-24 criticizing Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle for siding against the taxpayers and voting with Mitt Romney to support Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget that ends Medicare and raises middle class taxes while giving millionaires a $265,000 tax cut.  

The DCCC ad began running today.  A recent DCCC poll shows Dan Maffei leading Congresswoman Buerkle by 8 points, 46-38. 

Ryan’s Plan

Script of DCCC IE AD “Ryan’s Plan”:

Voiceover: Is Ann Marie Buerkle standing with you?

The budget Ann Marie Buerkle voted for would end the Medicare guarantee

But it also increases taxes on middle class families by fourteen hundred dollars. 

All so millionaires can get a two hundred sixty five thousand dollar tax cut.

It’s Paul Ryan’s plan.  Mitt Romney endorsed it.  And Ann Marie Buerkle voted for it.

So who is Ann Marie Buerkle standing with?

Not the taxpayers.

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