Campaign 2010

Sep 26, 2012

DCCC New TV Ad, “Deeds,” Slams Congressman Bill Johnson for Profiting from Outsourcing U.S. Jobs

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released its second Independent Expenditure TV ad attacking Congressman Bill Johnson for profiting from outsourcing and then protecting companies that ship jobs overseas in Washington. The DCCC TV ad, “Deeds,” urges Ohioans to consider Congressman Johnson’s choices.  As an executive at a company that laid off hundreds of workers and sent jobs to Mexico and China, Johnson pocketed a quarter of a million dollars. Then, as a Congressman, Johnson protected tax breaks for companies like his that outsource jobs.


Script of  DCCC IE Ad “Deeds” OH-06

Voiceover: ‘Round here, you judge a man by his deeds – not his words…

Take Congressman Bill Johnson.

Johnson was an executive at an Ohio company that shuttered plants, laying off hundreds.

They closed American plants, sending jobs to Mexico … and China.

Stock prices soared, and Bill Johnson made a quarter of a million.

Then Bill Johnson went to Congress.

And voted to protect tax breaks for companies like his … sending jobs overseas.

Congressman Bill Johnson: his deeds … hurt Ohio.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.