Campaign 2010

Apr 10, 2008

DCCC Launches “Where’s Marty Ozinga?” Campaign

 The DCCC today unveiled the "Where's Marty Ozinga?" campaign. On March 24th, concrete magnate Marty Ozinga announced he was running for Congress, but seventeen days later he has still refused to answer a single question  about  his candidacy  or on the issues.

 The Ozinga campaign announced this week that Marty will continue to remain silent until the end of this month, depriving voters of any idea of where he stands on the issues. “Ozinga himself will offer no comment until after the county chairmen vote April 30,” said the Ozinga campaign. [GOP split on Weller successor, Chicago Sun-Times, 4/07/08].

 The “Where’s Marty?" campaign is an effort to get Ozinga out of hiding and answer questions that the voters deserve answers to. Until Marty comes out of hiding and answers questions to which voters deserve answers, we'll keep asking.


For 17 days ago and counting, Ozinga has been dodging the following questions:


1.      Your companies have received millions in city contracts and hundreds of thousands in state contracts. Were any of your political contributions tied or connected to the contracts you received?


2.      Given the number of people in Cook County going to jail for fraudulent front companies, have you explained your business dealings with any state or national Republican officials before seeking this nomination?


3.      With your history of questionable business dealings, will you recuse yourself of any advocacy for transportation or construction projects that would benefit your company?


4.      Do you disavow your support for convicted felon George Ryan or Congressman Weller, who announced his resignation under a cloud of controversy and scandal?


5.      Have you ever had any legal problems with workers or unions that work for your construction company?


6.      Do you support President Bush and John McCain's stay-the-course agenda in Iraq?


7.      Where do you stand on expanding children's health care for millions of uninsured children?


8.      Do you believe we should privatize social security? 


9.      Do you support embryonic stem cell research?


10.  Do you support trade agreements such as CAFTA and NAFTA