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Mar 04, 2014

DCCC Launches ‘Tea Party Primary Alert’ Site Tracking Countless Republican Primaries for 2014

As the Tea Party and Republican establishment head into yet another season of their long civil war, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a new website as part of a paid campaign to keep track of the hundreds of Republican congressional candidates who are facing stiff primary competition. In this raging Republican civil war, no one is safe.

With Republican incumbents and challengers alike facing stiff competition from within their own party, it’s clear that not even Republicans like their own candidates for Congress.  The New York Times recently reported that even Members of the Republican leadership are facing these primaries.

“Republicans around the country are waging battles to see who can pander more to the Tea Party base and push more reckless policies that are disconnected from reality,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “From members of leadership like Eric Cantor and Greg Walden to prized recruits like Steve Lonegan and Andy Tobin, the people who are supposedly the face of the Republican Party are drawing challenges from their own ranks.  With so many primaries to follow, we hope to help folks keep track with this handy new website.”

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