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Oct 01, 2007

DCCC Launches “Putting Children First” Ad Campaign

DCCC Press

Oct 1, 2007

DCCC Launches “Putting Children First” Ad Campaign

Chairman Chris Van Hollen announced today that the DCCC will target eight Republicans for voting against SCHIP which provides health insurance for children. The DCCC’s “Putting Children First” campaign kicks off on Monday with radio ads, robo calls, and e-mails.

“We’re going district by district to tell Republicans and President Bush to stop obstructing progress and start putting children first,” Van Hollen said. “Republicans who continue to vote in lockstep with President Bush and against children will be held accountable.”

The radio ads began airing during drive time on Monday afternoon. The initial ad buy is for one week. The radio ads and robo calls will run in the following districts:

Steve Chabot (OH-01) Thelma Drake (VA-02) Tom Feeney (FL-24) Sam Graves (MO-076) Joe Knollenberg (MI-09) Randy Kuhl (NY-29) Jim Saxton (NJ-03) Tim Walberg (MI-07)


The bipartisan SCHIP bill passed by Congress will provide 10 million American children with affordable health insurance. SCHIP is supported by 49 governors. Despite broad bipartisan support, President Bush has said he will veto the SCHIP bill. To override Bush’s veto, 15 Republicans in the House would have to change their votes.

Text of the Traffic & Weather Sponsorship Ads Against Chabot, Drake, Feeney, Graves, Knollenberg, and Saxton Follows

“Did you know Congressman Feeney gets health care at taxpayers’ expense, but Feeney and Bush are blocking health care for 10 million uninsured children? Tell Tom Feeney to put families first.”

Text of the Ad, “Simple Choice,” Against Kuhl and Walberg Follows

“Nearly 700,000 children here in New York risk losing their affordable, quality health insurance, while Congressman Randy Kuhl receives his health care at taxpayers’ expense.

“With the State Children’s Health Insurance Program – SCHIP – set to expire, Congressman Kuhl has a choice to make.

“Continue to stand with President Bush or with American children.

“SCHIP will expand health care coverage for nearly 10 million children, and is funded by a 61 cent increase in the tobacco tax.

“Congress and 49 governors from across the country support SCHIP.

“Yet President Bush threatens to veto it SCHIP and Congressman Kuhl stands with him –instead of kids.

“Congressman Kuhl has a simple choice: give 10 million children the health care they need or turn his back on those children.

“Call Congressman Kuhl and tell him to stand with kids, NOT George Bush.”


Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Robo Calls

In addition to radio ads, the automated calls will made in each of the targeted districts (with the exception of NJ-03) encouraging constituents to call their Republican Member and support children’s health care. Lisa Matzenbach, a mother of a chronically ill child on SCHIP, recorded the calls. Lisa and her daughter live in Joe Knollenberg’s district. The text of the call follows:

“I am Lisa Matzenbach calling on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“My daughter, Liane, has a chronic illness. Even though I work full time, I can’t afford her care without SCHIP – the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“Congress recently passed legislation to provide SCHIP health care to over 10 million uninsured American children.

“But, Congressman Joe Knollenberg and President Bush are against providing more than 118,500 Michigan children access to the health care they desperately deserve.

“Please call Joe Knollenberg at (248) 851-1366 and tell him it’s time he put our children first.”