Campaign 2010

Oct 08, 2012

DCCC Launches New Website Exposing Ricky Gill’s Exaggerations

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched a new website exposing what’s really behind Congressional candidate Ricky Gill’s serial exaggerations.  Throughout the campaign, Gill has claimed to be a family farmer, director of his parents’ company and even a member of the State Board of Education, despite being a student representative who only attended thirteen meetings. Gill has a history of touting questionable “accomplishments” on his resume, even touting a “principal’s medal” he received in kindergarten. In reality, the San Francisco Chronicle reported he’s “never even held a full-time job.”


“Ricky Gill is more qualified to be a congressional intern than a Congressman, and everything on his resume is an exaggeration at best,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Gill has spent this entire campaign trying to sell himself to voters as a small business job creator among other things, but how can Ricky Gill talk about creating jobs when he’s never even had one?”